Expert Star Wars Quiz

This quiz was specifically made for the experts of the Star Wars saga... how about you give it a try? If you truly think you can do it, this is your chance!

I must warn you all that this quiz contains MAJOR spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens so I wouldn't like you to be spoiled if you haven't seen it yet. 30 questions warning... Also I made this for Revenge Of The Fifth/Sixth (May 5/6).

Created by: AlastiaKat
  1. (Hand Wave) Promise you WON'T look at the internet or ask someone.
  2. What was Luke Skywalker's original name?
  3. ________ is spoken in every Star Wars film.
  4. What character voted in favor of Order 66?
  5. There is another Hux in the Star Wars canon. In fact, he was General Hux's father. What was his name?
  6. What language does Greedo speak?
  7. Who shot first in the original Star Wars?
  8. How much time after Return Of The Jedi is The Force Awakens?
  9. How many people have played the role of Darth Vader?
  10. What year was A New Hope originally released?
  11. What was the original Star Wars intro?
  12. Who was supposed to be the director for Return Of The Jedi?
  13. What movie was Han Solo supposed to appear of the prequels?
  14. How does General Hux find Kylo Ren when he has, like, 30 seconds until Starkiller Base explodes? (The TFA Novel explains this)
  15. The lightsaber created by Luke was supposed to be
  16. Luke's age by TFA is
  17. What is the dust Kylo slams his helmet into?
  18. Rey's age?
  19. What character from the original trilogy died in the expanded universe? (no longer canon)
  20. The waterfalls of Naboo are:
  21. Captain Phasma's armor is made out of:
  22. The Rebellion logo is:
  23. Darth Vader had a secret apprentice. True or False?
  24. Rey's parents were shown in The Force Awakens. True or False?
  25. FN-2187's number was:
  26. Star Wars episode 8's working title is:
  27. Luke's island is on a planet called:
  28. The First Order was inspired by:
  29. Rey hates Kylo Ren because...
  30. Starkiller Base's name was inspired by:

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