What Star Wars Character would you consider yourself as?

There are many sci-fi shows out there that have a lot of meaning and a lot of entertaining features. Star Wars reveals the true meaning of this category. The Dark Side are basically the baddies who aim to kill the weak (Jedi) and unite with the strong (Sith). They are self-centered and mean killing machines. The Light Side are basically the goodies (Jedi) who aim to wipe out all the evil (Sith) in the galaxy, hence bringing balance to the force.

So what character are you? Would you rather save the galaxy or rule it? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this here quiz, you will soon find out.

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  1. If you were allowed to make a stand at the Senate, would you show a strong political standpoint?
  2. What would you give star wars out of 10 overall (this is a no-decimal type rating)?
  3. What do you think would've happened if Anakin left Mace Windu's hand (which had his lightsabre in it by the way) intact without chopping it off out of anger to save Palpatine?
  4. Which of the following, do you reckon best describes the way Yoda speaks?
  5. Should the first scene of Episode 3 where Anakin and Obi-Wan in space, been longer?
  6. If you yourself were a jedi, what side would you have chosen (Dark or Light)?
  7. What political party would you have chosen *if* you were brave enough for politics?
  8. How do you think Han Solo would've reacted if he couldn't understand a thing Chewie (the Wookie or the 'Big Walking Carpet') said?
  9. What nationality is Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  10. How do you address members of the jedi council if you were about to be trained as a young padawan under *their* wing?
  11. Which was the hardest scene to make transitions with in the making of the Episode 3 movie (also according to the DVD if you have it)?
  12. Do you think Anakin should've picked up someone off the street instead of Padme?
  13. What space-ship would you like to steer from the series if you got a chance to?

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars Character would you consider myself as?