what starwars charcter are you

Star Wars: An award-winnig, extremely popular series of movies. Popular with people of all ages and sizes. Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Do you know all the characters? Have you always wondered which character you would be?

What Star Wars character are YOU? Are you brave like Qui-Gon? Or are you selfish like Bosk? Or are you loyal like Yoda? To find out take my "Which Star Wars Character Are You?" quiz!

Created by: riley
  1. do you like the outdoors
  2. how much hair do you have on your body
  3. whats your favourite hairstyle
  4. do you have a gun or a sword
  5. do you like the rainbow
  6. if you where asked to keep a big secret would you?
  7. do you like pie
  8. would you do anything for money
  9. what do you think life is about
  10. do you double cross freinds and family for money
  11. what is your type of paradise
  12. are you nice or mean
  13. are you always saaaaaaaaaaaaad
  14. if a bank robber had just got arrested what would you do

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