What star wars character are you

The characters from starwars are all unique. Especially the clones. All characters have different ways and characteristics. Each one does something different than others.

Are you someone like them. Are you one of these people in real like. Take the quiz to find out, now for fillers. This is a filler. Dont mind the fillers. All done. Tada

Created by: Blanket

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  1. How do you best solve problems
  2. Your men are weak, tired, low on morale, low on ammo, and surrounded. How do you handle this?
  3. How do you handle emotional situations
  4. While watching over a base, looking for a bomb of mass destruction, your friend is captured. What do you do? And the timer for the bomb was set.
  5. What is your personality like
  6. How would you defeat the rebels if they attacked
  7. How are you socially
  8. How are you socially
  9. How would you help in a group project when no one is working
  10. (will not affect) What type of character would you want to be

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Quiz topic: What star wars character am I