What Star Wars good guy are you? By PawPrint101

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Have you ever wanted to know what Star Wars good guy you are? Or at least be one? Well now you can! With Just a few clicks you'll learn whether you're sarcastic Han, beautiful yet bossy Leia, hairy Chewbacca, cool Luke, cowardly C-3PO, or really awesome R2-D2!

Take my quiz! It's not as great as my other ones but I tried at least! Go on and find out which character you are from the galaxy far far away! Do It!

Created by: PawPrint101
  1. Some bad guy holds a gun up to Leia's head. What do you say?
  2. A popular line from you is...
  3. Jabba is...
  4. You are in love with...
  5. What's your home planet?
  6. You are...
  7. Do you like my quiz? No effect. It won't hurt my feelings.
  8. You are at a party and you make a shocking discovery that a guest is an Imperial spy. What do you do?
  9. Will you rate and comment?
  10. Darth Vader is...

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars good guy am I? By PawPrint101