Which is Your Morality Alignment?

I found out about this morality alignment via an internet meme called "The Alignment Chart", based on a concept the game Dungeons & Dragons started to enhance character development. It works on a 3x3 graph setup, with one axis being how one handles affairs with authority (lawful, neutral, chaotic) and with others' lives (good, neutral, evil), giving 9 possible outcomes. There is a template for a 5x5, with 25 results, but for obvious reasons, I went with the simpler route.

I saw very few of these quizzes online, so I figured I should try to develop my own. The charts on image searches can be quite funny and insightful, and people may need a push to see how they conduct their lives. Interested in which direction your moral compass points? Look no further.

Created by: N Intolubbe
  1. Your country is holding an election for its new leader. Which candidate would you vote for?
  2. When you make a promise...
  3. When at a formal occasion, you normally...
  4. The zombie apocalypse has recently arrived at your region. Which actions do you most likely feel inclined to do?
  5. You hear a baby bird chirping in a nearby tree. You see that its parents have abandoned it. What do you do?
  6. Which of these characters is your favorite?
  7. You could not live without...
  8. This is part one of several for a story-like scenario: While taking a walk down your street, you see two people arguing in an alley. Curious, you approach and watch, though stay hidden. Within seconds, one shoots the other, and runs out. They run into you, a large bag of money in their hands, point the gun at you, and ask what you saw. Your response?
  9. Part two: Somehow or another, the story of the shooting gets out, and you are asked to testify in court. What do you do?
  10. Part three: Your kidnappers take the cloth bag off of your head, and a bright light shines in your eyes. Whatever you just did obviously did not go very well. The main boss offers you a deal, to keep quiet or sleep with the fishes. What do you do?
  11. Part four: So, it all turned out well in the end. You walk away with plenty of money, whether a bribe, reward from the police, or what you found on the bodies. What do you spend it on?
  12. Of these animals, which do you like best?
  13. Part one of another story: Someway or another, you have been teleported to the old American West. Which job do you try for?
  14. Part two: A train company has begun constructing a rail outside your town. How do you react?
  15. Part three: A fight breaks out in the saloon. What is your involvement?
  16. Part four: While surveying a good spot for a house on your recently purchased homestead, you stumble onto a gold mine. How do you handle it?
  17. Part five: A protest is breaking out in the town square against the mayor for suspected racketeering, and it may escalate into a riot. What steps do you take?
  18. Last question, unrelated to the previous story: Of these, which chemical element is your favorite?

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