What alignment are you?

This quiz is loosely based on D&D alignments, and is supposed to be silly and fun. Whether or not you think it's funny, well beauty is in the eye of the beholder right.

Are you a goody two shoes lawful good guy/gal, someone who prefers chaos, or are you a neutral evil mean type? This quiz will help you find out what makes you tick! In a fantasy setting, of course.

Created by: bjr
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  1. You got into a cave and see a wolf guarding a treasure chest. What do you do
  2. A goblin is on trial for stealing a wand from the wizard school. You are on the jury. What would it take for you to convict him?
  3. You have to form an adventuring party. What is the first and most important mercenary that you hire.
  4. You and your warrior friend, Maximus, are fighting life and death with a dragon. Maximus slips and falls, and the dragon and about to chow down on him. You can try to save him, or take your chance to run. What do you do?
  5. Your friend used to be a wizard, but he started listening to heavy metal music and now summons skeletons. Do you say anything to him?
  6. You walk to a nearby lake and a mermaid is there. She winks at you and beckons for you to come over. What do you do?
  7. After hours of marching up a long, winding mountain trail, you reach a bridge. The bridge is missing a few boards, and would be dangerous to cross until it's repaired. You have a small elf man as a prisoner. What do you do?
  8. As a senior wizard in the academy, you are entrusted with training a young wizard. He's kind of nerdy, with jet black hair and glasses. What magic do you teach him first?
  9. The King has decided to have a grand tournament of champions, in which legendary combatants throughout the realm are to fight for untold riches and prestige. If you had to bet, which combatant would you put money on to come out victorious?
  10. You go to a magic carnaval and enter a building that has a very old crystal ball. You realize that it will show you what the future holds. What do you hope to see?
  11. As newly crowned king you have been tested a lot by all sorts of enemies. One morning you wake up, and a vast army is camped outside your gates. What do you do?
  12. You and your companions (two dwarf warriors, an elven mage, and a gnome priest) walk into a dungeon. There is a strange lock mechanism that obviously has a trap on it. Which party member do you send to disarm it?
  13. LAST QUESTION. You have a friend who stole your amulet of charisma. The girls don't talk to you now. How do you get your amulet back?

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