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Welcome to the only 5x5 moral alignment test available online! Containing a whopping total of 25 alignments, it fills the gaps between Neutral alignments to add a bit more depth. Between Lawful and Neutral is Social; between Chaotic and Neutral is Rebel; between Good and Neutral is Moral; and between Neutral and Evil is Impure.

This is a more realistic system than the original 3x3 moral alignment (which has a total of only 9 alignments), and allows for preference towards a certain axis, such as a traditionally Lawful Good character who is more good than lawful (Social Good), or a traditionally True Neutral character who still prefers to help people than to hinder them (Neutral Moral).

Created by: Ezekiel
  1. I’m a righteous philanthropist who believes that by working, helping and trusting our fellow human there is no limit to the amount of good we can achieve and I live my life to uphold the of virtues of order, justice, and harmony for all of humankind.
  2. I’m a pure angel who is always out to rescue others and I follow the rules and the law, but I know that they have their issues and if they falter, we must help to fix and replace them with better ones, for the health and well-being of my beautiful community and world.
  3. I'm a peaceful benefactor who is always devoted to helping others and I deliberately go out of my way to help people and the society out, regardless of the circumstances, I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.
  4. I’m a heroic altruist who is generous, fair, and kind to everyone, doing everything I possibly can to bring serenity to all, and I selflessly defend, protect, and aid others, without wanting anything back in return, but don't get in my way of doing my courageous deeds.
  5. An unjust law is no law, I’m a freedom fighter with a benevolent heart out to save the day, seeking happiness and prosperity for all, so I will do absolutely anything to ensure that the right thing is always done. Anything.
  6. Most people want to be good, but don't know how or haven't been helped. It's not my place to help change others for the better, that’s work for the government and its jurisdiction, but if they come to me I'll do my best.
  7. There are good and bad people and the best way that society can help stop the bad people is to let those in charge of such matters deal with them.
  8. I mostly look out for myself, but I know that people mostly have a good heart and I try not to be a burden on others who are just trying to survive.
  9. I stick to myself, but I'm not afraid at all to shake things up in order to wake up the people of the problems they should be addressing.
  10. I know what's right, but I have my own ways of upholding that sense of rightness even if there's no method to my madness.
  11. I abide and enforce the law and all its rules in place, no matter their morality, because God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just.
  12. Good? Bad? I wouldn't know, I wouldn't care. I just do what I am told to survive.
  13. Good? Bad? Who cares? Both are irrelevant. It's about getting your way no matter what, because you always come first. That being said I may still begrudgingly pick the side that makes more sense.
  14. I’m a rebel without a cause who’ll shake up the order of things, but I simply don’t care either way about the effects of my actions.
  15. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure good and evil don't end up destroying the world. Being in the middle is the key no matter what.
  16. I want to see how far my authority can reach even if it is questionable.
  17. I almost always go by the law, but I am generally a noncommittal follower of rules, and so I may, when the odds seem promising, join a revolution to shake up society even if all the demands for improvement weren't met.
  18. I smugly take what I need to live and thrive from both sides of the moral compass. If I have more than what I need then there is simply more for me in the long run, which is always a great thing because it’s all about me.
  19. I have tendencies to go against the grain and alter society simply to fill my selfish desire to see what would happen.
  20. I’m an erratic mercenary who believes there's no limit in regards to shaking things up.
  21. I'm a diabolical mastermind with utterly devious plans, and the rules are ugly, but at the end of the day order and control must be maintained.
  22. The powers that be are just so delicious and they allow me to act in a viciously malevolent manner, thus I’ll completely crush anyone who gets in my way of abusing them.
  23. I’m a crooked criminal who obeys the law only when it’s on my side, and I'll gladly do any evil villainous deed that's of convenience to myself since it's simply so satisfyingly cruel, fun, and liberating for a fiend like me.
  24. I am a nefarious monster who’s bound to no authority and that allows me to not only do and say anything I want to people, but also to manipulate them for my own sinister ends.
  25. I’m a ruthless psychopath who purposefully goes out of the way to bring destruction and chaos to all, so rules and authority mean nothing to me. I'll gleefully watch the world burn and all its living beings suffer and perish simply because it excites me.

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