Which exact In the Neutral Zone character are you

The story presents nine students from Asia moving to California for grade seven. But In the Neutral Zone focuses more on Mardley as she takes on challenges over her friends' petty arguements. The plots show that if you are neutral and misunderstood, life can actually transform into an adventure. There are nine main characters; Mardley, Zulice, Edit, Javon, Haygal, Gasgi, Cyan, Kyun, and Hamilina.

Are you one of these characters? You can probably be the computer genius Mardley, a 13 year old with a neutral attitude. Or little thief Zulice, with a horrible history. Maybe anime lover Edit, who has her things stolen regularly. You can be rugby expert Javon, with a big heart. Or fashion lovers Haygal and Gasgi, mischief makers Cyan and Kyun, or drawing lover Hamilina. This quiz has no right or wrong answer.

Created by: Computer
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. What's your favorite boy-band?
  3. Fill in the blank My ________ is the worse
  4. Pick a facial expression
  5. Pick a color... Question: Is white a color? Answer on the comments
  6. Do you have high self esteem
  7. Pick a WAIS phrase
  8. Is there someone you need to impress?
  9. Are you someone's best friend
  10. Define you
  11. What is your favorite color
  12. What are you holding often.
  13. What is your fashion style
  14. Do you like dicks?

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Quiz topic: Which exact In the Neutral Zone character am I