Pokepark Wii Quiz: The Meadow Zone

The Meadow Zone: The first Zone you explore in Pokepark Wii. Even though you might of blasted through the Meadow Zone and think you are the master at that Zone, that might not be the case.

Do you really have the skills to tackle the challenge of this quiz? Do you really know all there is to know about the Meadow Zone? Or will this quiz prove to be a greater challenge than you think? Either way, you can only find out if you take this quiz yourself!

Created by: chikorita28
  1. Which Pokemon can't play an attraction in the Meadow Zone?
  2. Which of Pikachu's friends do you find in the Meadow Zone when you first arrive in the Pokepark?
  3. When can you play Chase with Leafeon?
  4. Which Pokemon is only found in the Meadow Zone?
  5. Who appears in the Meadow Zone after you are friends with Munchlax?
  6. Which Pokemon can play both Bulbasaur's Daring Dash and Venusaur's Vine Swing?
  7. Which Pokemon do you not battle to become friends with him/her?
  8. How do you become friends with Sudowoodo?
  9. Who is the Gatekeeper in the Meadow Zone?
  10. Why aren't the Pokemon in the Meadow Zone allowed to leave, according to Venusaur?
  11. Which Pokemon doesn't have relatives that come to the Meadow Zone when/after they arrive?

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