Zen Bowling the Psycholog of Bowling

The Zen Bowling Psychology quiz is design to help you learn the element needed to get in the winning zone. Most athletes at some point in their career will talk about the phenomenon of "╦ťbeing in the zone'. Unfortunately getting in the zone and staying there is not as easy as most athletes would have hoped. The techniques and tools in this quiz will help you to develop the tool to become a mental master and enter the zone and stay there for extended periods of time. Visit our website and sign-up for our 8-day Mental Game for Bowlers eCourse

Are you working on your mental game? Do you consider yourself to be mentally tough? Do you have mental discipline? Can you get in the peak performance zone or flow state at will? Do you manage your stress well under pressure?

Created by: Jessie Bowen
  1. Do you have a mental training system plan.
  2. Do have written this plan down?
  3. Do you have short-term goals and long-term goals in this plan?
  4. Do You have short-term goals and long-term goals in this plan?
  5. Do you have dates for all goals written down?
  6. Do you have mental objectives for pre-event, during the event and post-event?
  7. Do you look at this written game plan at least once a week?
  8. Do you make notations on your plan as I go so you can see progress?
  9. Do you change your goals and plans as necessary?
  10. Do you visualize myself succeeding before you perform?
  11. Do you monitor my thoughts before you perform?
  12. Do you avoid thinking of past weakness or failures before you perform?
  13. Do you attempt to think and act confidently before you perform?
  14. Do you practice as you want to perform.
  15. Do you seek coaching, feedback or help in your mental game.
  16. Do you read about the mental game?
  17. Do you listen to audio tapes on the mental game?
  18. Do you prepare your equipment you will be using ahead of time?
  19. Do you associate with people who encourage you to have a strong mental game?
  20. Do you reward yourself when you achieve your mental game goals?
  21. Do you have daily mental game goals?
  22. Do you have a mental game journal you write in.
  23. Do you subject yourself to practice situations similar to those you will encounter in a real performance.
  24. Do you have a mental game plan for use during your performance?
  25. Do you monitor this game plan at various points in your performance?
  26. Do you use visualization when appropriate during your performance.
  27. Do you think predominantly positively during your performance?
  28. Do you attempt to reduce stress by relaxing during your performance?
  29. Are you aware of your breath during your performance?
  30. Are you aware of and attempt to enter the mental flow state during my performance?

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