What you enjoy about bowling?

Its all about how i got brought up to be such a huge fan of bowling and what i want others to feel when and if they have an interest in this wonderful sport and whether people taking this quiz need an extra hobby

Do u want to become a better bowler or to learn more about bowling then what you already know. You have come to the right place. So give this quiz a try and I will guarantee you will get something new from it

Created by: Mike Patterson
  1. On a good week of leisure time.....How many times do you go bowling in a week?
  2. Do you like to throw parties at bowling alleys?
  3. Are you interested in joining a bowling league?
  4. Would you ever consider working for a bowling alley?
  5. Who was your favorite actor in the bowling movie "kingpin"?
  6. Do you like to meet new people when you go bowling?
  7. Have you ever rolled a 200 or better game in bowling?
  8. Do you like Bowling Alley Food?
  9. After Bowling with friends What do I normally do?
  10. I would bowl everyday if money wasnt a factor?

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