Candlepin Knowledge Quiz

Few People Know About Candlepin Bowling Outside of New England. So If You Want To Test If Your A True New Englander, Try It! If You Don't Do So Well, Just Try It Again!

Test Your Knowledge of A Game That Is Truely New England. See If Your A Candlepin Expert, Or A Once A Year Bowler. If You Are A Once A Year Bowler, Bowl At You Local Candlepin Center!

Created by: Zachary Germana
  1. What City Was Candlepin Bowling Created?
  2. Who Created Candlepin Bowling?
  3. What Street Was The Billard & Bowling Establishment On That Justin P. White Bought?
  4. What Was The First Published High Score in 1880?
  5. What Is The Lightest Legal Weight of A Candlepin Bowling Ball?
  6. What Is The Heaviest?
  7. What Is It Called When The 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10 Pins Are The Only Pins Standing?
  8. What Is The King Pin?
  9. What Is The Diameter of A Candlepin Bowling Ball?
  10. What Is the Lob Line?
  11. How Far From The Foul Line Is The Lob Line?
  12. What Is The Foul Line?
  13. What Is The Four Horseman Left?
  14. What Is The Half Worcester Left?
  15. What Is The Four Horseman Right?
  16. What Is The Half Worcester Right?
  17. What Is The Maximum Width of A Candlepin Lane?
  18. What Is The Deadwood Line?
  19. What Was Justin P. White's Nickname?
  20. In 1888, What Was The Record Game Hit By Justin P. White?
  21. What Was The Game He Threw Just 6 Months Later To Break His Old Record?
  22. What Is The Area Where The Bowler Delivers The Ball Called?
  23. How Far Away Are The Pins From The Foul Line?
  24. When It Was First Introduced, Why Was Candlepin Bowling So Popular?
  25. Were The First Candlepin Pinsetters Installed At A Bowling Alley?
  26. The First Candlepin Pinsetters Were Installed In Whalom Park In May of What Year?
  27. What Were The Two Men Who Created The First Candlepin Pinsetters?
  28. What Was Their Pinsetter Called?
  29. In Ten Pin, A Perfect Game Is When A Bowler Throws A 300. What Is Considered To Be A Perfect Game In Candlepin?
  30. In 2005, There Were 55 300 Games Bowled In The US. In That Same Year, How Many 300 Candlepin Games Were There?
  31. What Is The Highest Sanctioned Score Ever Bowled In Candlepin?

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