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Created by: Group Four of Acetaminophenod
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  1. What is a common brand name for acetaminophen?
  2. What is the max daily dose for an adult for Tylenol?
  3. What is a side effect of acetaminophen overdose?
  4. True/False. The age group that overdoses the most on acetaminophen is 15-20.
  5. True/False. Since people over 60 can't see the labeling as well, they overdose the most on acetaminophen.
  6. What is the most life threating toxic effect of acetaminophen overdose?
  7. What is your favorite class?
  8. Therapeutic effects of acetaminophen include which of the following?
  9. How many deaths occur annually due to acetaminophen overdose?
  10. How many ER visits occur annually due to acetaminophen overdose?

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