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This quiz can show how prepared you are for the photosynthesis part of the final. We hope you do well, and have fun doing it. The quiz is very educational and we hope you enjoyed our site, and its content. Please answer the age and gender question, however it won't have an affect on your grade.

Created by: Jake
  1. If you were to see a stack of thylakoids what would you call them?
  2. What is the equation for photosynthesis?
  3. What absorbs light?
  4. True/False: Photosystem 2 happens before Photosystem 1
  5. ATP is produced durring which process?
  6. How many Carbons are left after a glucose is made durring the Calvin Cylce? You may need to do some math!
  7. ATP is to a cell as ____ is to your cell phone
  8. What makes up the majority of a Chloroplast?
  9. What happens to ATP when it looses a Phosphate?
  10. What is the ultimate purpose of Photosynthesis?

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