learning how to role play part 1

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I created this quiz because some people on this site can't use correct grammar.its OK not to know it,but it is important for school and typing.that's why I created this.

I really created it based on role playing,because I saw a few people with incorrect grammar.I hope this quiz would help.this site is wonderful and it would be better with good typing grammar and stuff.

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. OK first rule of grammar;always use diolag.for example: "hello,sir".the dialog is this: "
  2. When you use correct grammar,only use capitol letters if needed.for example;I am completely nervous about Friday.notice the "I" and "F" are capitalized.
  3. Only capitolize months,days of the week,names of people,and the first word in a sentence.
  4. Use the correct ending,such as .,?,and !
  5. The period; . goes at the end of a sentence that is a statement.
  6. The exclamation point; ! Goes at the end of a sentence that shows excitement or great emotion.
  7. The question mark; ? Goes at the end of a question.
  8. Tips:always check your spelling when you write or type anything,especially long things.
  9. Tips:when you write or type something,let someone else read it,because your brain will think that you've done it all right when you have a few mistakes.
  10. This is only part one,I'm making quite a few parts because there is a LOT to learn about correct grammar,punctuation,spelling,etc.

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