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  • "Turns out it's like almost midnight and since I don't wanna be sleep deprived at school tomorrow I think I'll reply to Summoned and Fantasia..."
  • "This is the last one I swear Name: Lilian Weeping Gender: Female Age: 17 Species: Ghoul Franchise: My o"
  • "Name: Ah.. uhh.. for now let's called him Caleb Gender: Male Age: About 8 at the moment Species: Human with powers "
  • "Name: Madam Hitanaku Gender: Female Age: A lady never reveals her age Species: Descendant of the hecatoncheires (100 armed"
  • "Is it in the lounge or the stage?"
  • @therealminime
    "I totally understand! It's your choice on whether Quinn can be related to her, but if he is Adonis wouldn't know who he was because 1) her f..."
  • "Omdf I love Rwby :)"
  • @therealminime
    "Question about the 5 roleplay: Is Q.B. related to Adonis? You don't have to spoil anything, I'm just wondering because that B could be Bloss..."
  • "Gonna reply to Fantasia, Summoned, and TLRIE later because gotDAMN those roleplays are gonna take a while to reply to How are "
  • "(Sorry gang. Since rose is inactive let's pretend her post isn't there for now) "I'm Moonyoung," Moonyoung says with a strug, l"
  • "You're perfectly fine, puppet! I love the mood boards"
  • "Wendy frowns at the news, but they don't say anything about it. Confessional: Documentaries are always so inaccurate, wh"
  • 5
    ""Police came when they found us snooping in the lab last time, anything that was there was surely confiscated by them," Adonis says to Akumu..."
  • "Arwyn's ears perk up curiously when Gineye begins to pluck at the instrument. "Reminds me of Jord's lyre," she whispers quite sadly, so soft..."
  • Experienced soap request
    ""How can you trust her?" Chiro asks uneasily. Though he is hesitant, he listens to Youta and doesn't go hard on Voxx. Chiro sees the mark on..."

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