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  • Which Creepypasta Character Are You?
    [published: Jan 2, 2017]

    Welcome to the quiz. What's a quiz, you ask? I don't know Google it. While you're at it…

  • Derpiness: Me and My Weirdness
    [published: May 30, 2016]

    DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp DeRp…

  • The Extremely Dumb Test
    [published: Feb 8, 2016]

    Well. I wanted to make a quiz. This is completely random and easy. It has kind of a pattern, too. If you…

  • Life of a teenage vampire part 11
    [published: Dec 11, 2015]

    Okay I'm SO sorry I made this so late. I just into so much drama, and I was over my grandma's…

  • life of a teenage vampire part 10
    [published: May 30, 2015]

    This is part ten. It is special because it is the start of double digits! I made this one long…

  • My First Personality Quiz
    [published: May 23, 2015]

    As the title says, this is my first personality quiz and I hope you enjoy.. I hate typing this stupid…

  • life of a teenage vampire part 9
    [published: May 16, 2015]

    I am sorry puppet master. I will dedicate this quiz to Puppet. Hopefully she will forgive me,…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 8
    [published: May 2, 2015]

    Yep, finally did it! Made part eight! Sorry to leave you guys in suspense like that! I hope my…

  • my shouts out quiz two!
    [published: Apr 25, 2015]

    Welcome user! I made a shout out quiz, my second shout out quiz actually! I hope you're on here, if not…

  • Which Greek God Are You
    [published: Apr 20, 2015]

    Who is YOUR godly parent? Or maybe not a parent, maybe your godly protecter? Or even your closest Greek…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 7
    [published: Apr 12, 2015]

    Hi, i seriously have nothing to say. I hate doing this character thing. Still got more left to…

  • What mood are you in?
    [published: Apr 12, 2015]

    I am bored. I made this because some people want to know their mood. Well, they can now! Are you jealous?…

  • Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?
    [published: Mar 30, 2015]

    Just to be clear,this is for girls only.if you don't now what a tomboy is,its a girl that likes…

  • learning how to role play part 1
    [published: Mar 26, 2015]

    I created this quiz because some people on this site can't use correct grammar.its OK not to…

  • How well do you know ME?
    [published: Mar 23, 2015]

    Do you know me?Do you really know the REAL me?Do I have cake frosting on the side of my mouth?these…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 6
    [published: Mar 21, 2015]


  • My shout-out quiz
    [published: Mar 15, 2015]

    Are you a katqueen45 fan?do you think you will be noticed by katqueen45 herself?do you know everything about…

  • How well do you know Chinese?
    [published: Mar 10, 2015]

    Take the quiz.please?I really wanna level up.take it even if you don't know chinese,you can take…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 5
    [published: Mar 7, 2015]

    Part five is out!I know what your thinking how did part five come out so soon.I may have rushed…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 4
    [published: Mar 6, 2015]

    Part four is finally out!that's all I want to say.uuugghhhhh I have to type this one-hundred and…

  • How smart are you REALLY?
    [published: Mar 2, 2015]

    TAKE THE QUIZ.please?.i need just a few more ratings to get to the next level.and this is 100%…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 3
    [published: Feb 28, 2015]

    Ok finally here is part three sorry it took a week to make it but it was lazy week.im just…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 2
    [published: Feb 22, 2015]

    OK in my first as story,I forgot to tell you,whatever is in between this: - ,means I'm saying…

  • life as a teenage vampire part 1
    [published: Feb 21, 2015]

    Your name is Monica von vanjelina and your mom's name is denice crolidea vanjelina.you are 12…

  • Which Element Are You
    [published: Feb 20, 2015]

    Are you water,fire,earth,or air???this quiz is a great way to find out.I bet your curious now.go ahead and…

  • Which is your closest mythical creature?
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    There are nine.I bet you can't figure out yours without this quiz.my what?you…

  • are you good or bad???FIND OUT!!!
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    When your finish taking this awesome quiz checkout my other awesome quizzes.my first ever quiz…

  • Am I a vampire or a human
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    Ok so this is the second quiz I ever made please check out my first quiz:are you a true princess.by…

  • are you a true princess
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    Ok I hope you like my quiz I worked really hard on it and hope you enjoy it please comment whenever you…

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  • Katqueen45
    "Kalvin nodded his head in agreement. "How're we gonna deal with food?""
  • "You can send the list if you'd like, it'll help me understand the character better)"
  • Lying in bed
    "schön Jedoch, Deine Geschichte ist noch nicht vorbei You shouldn't feel down when your story has just begun. Life is awful but "
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "If no one else joins, I can handle two characters 👌 (unless someone else wants C1 idk)"
  • "That's fine, we can wait :3"
  • Katqueen45
    ""Yeah, it's just hard to think we actually escaped. In a twisted way, it feels like another test. I don't have much hope or faith""
  • Katqueen45
    ""I'm fine, you can sleep if you want," Kalvin said"
  • Katqueen45
    "It had only been a few hours, but Kalvin had a nightmare, and soon he woke up shaking."
  • "Of course you can puppet 👏"
  • Katqueen45
    "Kalvin began to drift off to sleep"
  • Katqueen45
    "Kalvin stopped when he thought they were far enough in, then plopped to the ground"
  • "I'm making more characters because you can't stop me mom, geez it's not a phase I have too many ideas Name: Finn G"
  • Katqueen45
    "Kalvin nodded, going into the cave without hesitation"
  • "(Avalon reminds me of that poem by edgar allen poe about a guy losing his wife named lenore :P)"
  • "Name: Arwyn Gender: Female Age: 22 Species: Faerie* Reason for going on quest: To kill the wizard Looks (face "

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