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  • "Don't feel bad darko, I have a rainbow lanyard that costed atleast 10 dollars I don't have a job, and I'm a minor, so I don't get paye"
  • I Summon Thee
    "Cain enses up when Virgil comes up from behind and leans on the counter next to the sink. His heart races as he realizes how Virgil is in cl..."
  • I Summon Thee
    "Cain picks up the dustpan and pours the glass fragments into a small trash bag as Virgil explains how it would be bad for them to talk to Ab..."
  • "(Sorry roboticlus, the reason I'm not keen on joining is because I don't know nearly enough about the avengers or godzilla universes to role..."
  • "Idk why, but when 8 year olds comment on scary songs "I'm not scared" it pisses me off Like, no one asked if you were scared an"
  • "False, you're pink because you're a lesbian Sorry bud I don't make the rules"
  • MH Clutter
    "Ohhh okay"
  • Monster Hunters
    ""JD you up or what?" Alva-Rose asks between a mouthful of toothpaste and water, a makeshift mouth wash. She spits it out and walks out the b..."
  • ""Water creatures as in sea monsters, sirens, kelpie, etcetera. I'm afraid that they're a lot more volatile than mermaids," Banna replies to ..."
  • MH Clutter
    "Puppet what do you mean I controlled JD I thought they were gonna book a hotel, so I assumed that since we were timeskipping th"
  • 5
    "Adonis pays for the food, luckily her cards weren't canceled in the months that she had been out cold. She puts on her hood and zips up her ..."
  • The System {Group RP}
    "Milo walks arm in arm with Ruby, who kept asking him questions as they entered the Anomaly. "What's that? Who's that person? Why is a crowd ..."
  • 5
    "Adonis, unaware of the drama unfolding back at her home, drops her motorcycle and runs into the store like a mad woman, pausing to breath he..."
  • "Day 1: Monday, 8:00 AM "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Wraitho! You can call me Ro, and this is my sister Raynne," "
  • "(I'll just go back to Grotto, then 👍) Chiro slashes away at the rock creatures that were harassing civilians. He uses his power"

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