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  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter offered a hand to keep Annabelle steady, though it was in vain since he himself couldn't quite stand right either. "Maybe we could se..."
  • Apocalypse
    "Okie doke! Name: Faith Williams Gender: Female Age: 22 Appearance: A complete rebel. Both ears have about 4 p"
  • Elemental Warriors
    "Kim left through his window. He made sure to grab his earbuds and phone in case this turned out to be nothing and he needed entertainment. T..."
  • Apocalypse
    "Can I also join? I might not be able to respond frequently though so I can make my character a drifter who doesn't stay with the group for l..."
  • "Thanks ^-^ The video doesn't have to be done soon or anything so we have plenty of time to prepare 😊 My teacher said tha"
  • "14's okay 👍 If you record yourself with your phone please make sure it's in landscape mode :D Thanks for helping me!! "
  • "Also how old are you? There's no age limit, but if you're 12 or something it might not be the best idea"
  • "@wowcrazyinsane Would you really be okay with helping? You understand you'd be on video? And I'll send really wild questions like... i"
  • "Aw it's okay eclipsy! :3 I can probably find someone else, I'm glad you wanted to try and help though"
  • "Nah that wouldn't work, it'd have to be on video so I would be able to mimic body movements and stuff like that"
  • "Haha maybe! I'm trying to be cautious because of covid though so I'd rather everything be done digitally with no ~physical contact~"
  • "Yeah so... context. The assignment is to interview a stranger. I don't really know anyone on here that well, so as much "
  • "Same to you!! :D"
  • Hey Katqueen
    ""...That button is just screaming to be pushed," Hunter said after light appeared. "The traps are probably a good sign, right? They're like,..."
  • Elemental Warriors
    "Kim chewed on his dumb indecisively. He'd never had a dream like this, obviously he would have to check out Sun Spire Memorial. Should he wa..."

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