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  • "Imagine bumping a thread at the threshold of 2 months, teetering onthe edge of the thread being locked away forevermore"
  • Trapped Souls
    "Lola, a pale pink-eyed soul who's finally had her chance of being in the forefront in Natalia's body, smiled wide. She turned to look back a..."
  • "Arwyn thought about Avalon's reply for a moment before continuing. "Do mermaids eat fish raw, or not at all? Are fish friends to them?" She ..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "(Depends on the situation I guess. He'd do whatever it takes to make Anna happy) Hunter followed a bit behind Annabelle and Yes"
  • Death
    "Noah nods at Eldgrimr and starts leading the group into the forest, off the path. They would have an even harder time going through the brus..."
  • Death
    "Dark's reply: Azariah relaxed when they sensed that the ghoul had no foul intentions. They lowered their arm, looking over to Ethelyn"
  • "(Ah oops, that's the same reply, ignore the post above)"
  • Elemental Warriors
    "Callyn typed "I think we were too tired yesterday to ask the robot better questions; how long do u guys think this'll take? We need to know ..."
  • 5
    "(*apologetic noises*) Adonis appraised Doctor Quinn Bertley, but continued to keep quiet. She was in between seething with ange"
  • Death
    "Even if Azariah tried to go for a future sense to feel the intentions of the ghoul, they could see that the creature was actually being genu..."
  • 5
    "Adonis, who was tired a few seconds ago from the whiplash that resulted in using her teleportation ability, immediately tensed up when she h..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter followed after Anna, still a bit unsure. There were no good things that could result from taking the child with them. Hunter had trou..."
  • Elemental Warriors
    ""Thanks Mrs, Westbrook," Callyn says to April's mom when she hands her the oatmeal. She takes out her phone and is surprised at how many mis..."
  • ""If a mermaid is a vegetarian do they just eat seaweed and other sea-plant food? Are there sea vegetables and fruits?" Arwyn asks Avalon cur..."

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