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  • "But they're so fun :0 I mean, as characters. They get into a lot of wacky and memeable situations"
  • "Murry nods at Avalon. "This whole ordeal is quite peculiar. You see, Rita is in charge of directing groups to the wizard. She hasn't sent on..."
  • "Sure (I had to reread that an unholy amount of times but I get it now) Blur's face was already starting to turn a different col"
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    ""Thanks, Al," Adonis says. She leans onto Alice and begins to doze off not even seconds later, that's how tired she was."
  • Katqueen45
    ""Three coins'll do," Fritz says. Dawn rolls he eyes and hands him the amount."
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    " "
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "Thank you rvelez :D"
  • Splash Mountain
    "Sounds awesome :0 As soon as you said "I wrote a play" I kind of assumed Margaret was based on it, I remember it from her character s"
  • Splash Mountain
    "I feel like I'm the dm in most of my roleplays, but I don't really mind it Like, roleplaying is one of the few things th"
  • "Day 1: Monday, 11:00 AM "It's fine if you don't fight.. or maybe we can just take it outside. I dunno, it seems pretty unfair a"
  • Katqueen45
    ""Thanks for your help. How could we ever repay you?" Dawn says gratefully. "You could pay me," Fritz suggests."
  • "Finn wrapped both arms around Avalon silently. He wasn't the crying type, and he certainly didn't want his teammates to see how upset he was..."
  • ""Ah, that makes sense," Ramento says. He takes off his hood and brushes back his messy hair with one of his hands. It wasn't exactly the sch..."
  • "Blur, who was thoroughly pissed but still stubborn as ever, crossed his arms. "Chiro is nothing but dirt and gravel compared to me. I could ..."
  • "It would, I'll allow it!"

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