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  • "Hail and well met fellow nocturnals 👋"
  • "I know it's a double 😂 it's dark22978, they didn't have the 9! But are what they saying true or was it just a joke that my small brain havin"
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter was a torn. He wanted to step up and say 'oy, how dare you speak to your new empress like that?' but he also knew that Annabelle care..."
  • "Hell yeah you can"
  • Summoned (pt. 3)
    ""Ah, allowance is.." Cain paused to consider the fact that he could lie and make up something silly... but no, for some reason, Cain didn't ..."
  • Death
    "Enna was almost to the trials by now, but on the way he notices Fir and jogs a bit to walk beside him. "How was the it? Did the necklace wor..."
  • Katqueen
    "For some reason I've really been leaning towards bird creature :D I'll make the character sheet in a few minutes 👌"
  • "Hey jayfeather!! How have you been? :D"
  • "Why is that? I'm very confused??¿ The virus is physical, not technological"
  • "https://www.gotoquiz.com..."
  • "Whenever a phone or computer cuts on the screen goes from Black to black"
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter follows beside his empress as they head to her adoptive parents' house. They looked pitiful, cowering there. Also a bit shocked to se..."
  • Katqueen
    "I'm gonna use mermaid and bird creature because I feel like demon and angel is way too overused (if you want me to change it though that's ..."
  • 5
    ""What do you mean by 'us'?" Adonis shouted in reply to the creature. She ran over to aid Alice, but whenever Adonis managed to actually grab..."
  • Death
    "Faris tried dodge the blow, but he just couldn't react fast enough. The girl got a clear cut on his throat, just as his brother decided to s..."

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