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  • "Status update: Not dead yet. Unfortunately the berries were not poisonous, just bitter and nasty-tasting"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "Thanks very much! :D"
  • "The water lady screeched a horrifying inhumanly cry and dived sideways when Gineye threw the grenade. When it exploded the dark horses in th..."
  • The Stuff of Legend
    "Niji was already on the path to the closet; it could be assumed that she was gonna go with Sid as well. Niji in fact ran past him before he ..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter didn't have time to prepare himself for the creature exploding. Even with Annabelle grabbing him he lost his footing when they touche..."
  • 5
    "(Did some research; there's no way this would work lmao) The window seemed to have no burning effect on Frost, but Yume glowing"
  • "If I suddenly go silent blame the berries for my death and engrave "death by goodberry- a d&d nerd till the very end" on my headstone"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    " "
  • Elemental Warriors
    "Kim's flashlight suddenly turned off. His phone was at too low of a battery level. Damn it. Why didn't he charge it before he left? Suddenly..."
  • Shrinking Sanctuary
    "(Ik pheonix, just wasn't sure if you preferred to be called Sans or Pheonix. You character should be heading to town hall after hearing the ..."
  • "Status update: I'm not sure these berries are poisonous, but I'm gonna eat them anyways"
  • 5
    "Adonis thanked Danny and tied the cloth to her leg to stop the bleeding. After hearing the banter between Alice and Yume, she got an idea. "..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter leaped onto the creature and began to help Annabelle stab into the blips with his last arrow. The monster thrashed violently to try a..."
  • The Stuff of Legend
    "Niji wasn't exactly a jointed toy so she creaked a bit as she spoke. "I don't know Ink, but I'm not gonna sit here and wait to see," she sai..."
  • Shrinking Sanctuary
    "(Emowoman and/or Sans turn)"

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