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  • "Ily more puppet!! ♡♡"
  • "Day 1: Monday, 11:50 AM "Okay, here we are!" Rosalind says. The field nice and open, but not particularly interesting. A"
  • "Ily too se ♡ I want to make a character with a bunch of wrist watches that tick, and they listen to the ticks to calm them down"
  • have some scribble
    "That's some sexy art you got there u_u"
  • "@1714 I actually didn't learn a lot of this until 10th grade, sorry if it's unhelpful for you ;( @dark No prob! I"
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Hunter whistles a cheerful tune as he marches past the chaos. Once he made it to his house, some red goblins were just about to light it up...."
  • "Role: C2 Name: Arsoni Kingston Age: 27 Gender: Female Species: Half-tiefling Home Planet: Kaon Class: B"
  • Death's doggy door
    "Okay but wtf happens when my character actually dies katqueen Once your character dies they will immediately go into sou"
  • "Roboticlus please let me join as a bard I promise I will not disappoint >:) hehehe, mwahaha"
  • Death
    "(It was the best reference image I could find xD unfortunately I don't play the game) Ethelyn had aimed just right to make a hu"
  • Death's doggy door
    "I caught it :D and typed it out, about to copy and paste it here :: Good question @Roboticlus! When a mortem's ma"
  • "(Who needs fifty feet of rope when you have a G i n e y e) "Good idea, if you want to get eaten," Arwyn says to the redhead. Th"
  • "Asher is sloghtly taken aback, but he giggles. He didn't want to be rude and say something like; oh, you sound a little young to be discussi..."
  • 5
    "Adonis moved a lot quicker with Alice guiding her. She made sure to stick close to Yume, since he was their only light source. Eventually sh..."
  • "Moonyoung overhears Margaret and Aysa. "I some have packs of meat, a tiny freezer full," Moonyoung says as she puts an arm around Margaret's..."

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