life as a teenage vampire part 4

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Part four is finally out!that's all I want to say.uuugghhhhh I have to type this one-hundred and fifty character thing.OK ummm ignore the rest of this:blablablablah

I still have to type!?why do quizes have to have two paragraphs anyway?my hand and my arm hurt soooo much.I wish we could send a complaint in a complaintbbox or something.

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. Ok so nobody did the competition so I made-up my own character her name is Lucy and she is a death Dragon.also last time you lunged at...
  2. You lunged at...Rodger!well let's just say you TRIED to lunge at him.he quickly transformed into a merman or mer or whatever and he hit you back with his fell turn and looked in the mirror.the image was blurry.but you saw enough to see your eyes was red.
  3. "I-i-i-i" you tried to say sorry,but you couldn't remember what happened. All you remember is Kevin holding you then running away for some reason."well,let's look on the bright side,we know Monica is a vampire" said Becky trying to lighten the mood.
  4. "I ain't nobody vampire!" You said while snapping your and Becky laughed out loud (lol).then Becky turned serious. "OK that's enough laughing.Monica do you remember what just happened?" Asked Becky.
  5. "Honestly, I don't." You answered."follow me,you seem like you can walk" says becky. "OK so we're going to see darkar?" You asked. "Yeeaahh" Becky says dreamily.Becky and Rodger walk up ahead of you and you catch are surprised they know their way around this place,its like a giant building maze.
  6. Once you FINALLY reach darker's office Rodger knocks on the hear something that sounds like a glass being thrown and shattered at the door.the door opens.a girl stands there and she looked like she was in a terrible mood. "Hello lucy" Rodger says rudely."what do YoU WANT!" Lucy asks madly.
  7. "We came to see darkar" Rodger says while he's crossing his arms. "Can't" says Lucy while crossing her arms. "And why not" says Rodger while making a face. "None of your business" says Lucy,then she slammed the door in your face."so umm you and Becky must be...not friends" you say. Rodger turned around "I don't want to be bothered right know" he says while he's storming off.
  8. "Whats his problem?" You ask Becky. "Lucy and Rodger used to be best friends.then they started dating.and well you know if someone breaks up with you it can ruin a relationship and a friendship" answered nod your head "that's understandable" you answer.your proud of yourself for finally using one of your vocabulary words.
  9. A guy opens the door. "I am darkar.what do you want" says the guy.he has light blue eyes,chocolate brown hair,a black T-shirt,and mixed skin."I'm Monica and I ummm" you can't figure out what to say. "She needs to be determined." Answers Becky.I gave her a look that plainly said 'thank you'. "Hmm I feel quite lazy today,BUT since I'm in a good mood and I like determining people I guess I'll let you come in" says darkar. "Umm,thank you" you answer awkwardly.when you walk in he.....
  10. CLIFFHANGER!comment to tell me what you want to happen next.

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