life as a teenage vampire part 8

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Yep, finally did it! Made part eight! Sorry to leave you guys in suspense like that! I hope my fans jeep increasing, I am just busy with roleplays and school and such!

I hope you guys remember at the last one, something unexplainable happens. Well, spoiler alert! You got kidnapped, hahaha! I just ruined the surprise! Read it anyway for the surprise at the bottom!!

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. It happened so fast! A millisecond of lightning speed! Someone grabbed you! So fast, no human could catch a blur! Or maybe you were over reacting from the quickness of when he snatched you and pulled you out soundlessly.
  2. You closed your eyes as you felt him carry you somewhere. He had wings, of course, because he was flying. "W-w-who a-are yo you?" You stammered. "Jonathan." He answered simply. "W-what d-d-do y-you want w-with m-me?" You stammered again. He gave you a stern look that said simply, 'no more questions, I'm not afraid to drop you.' You looked down and you looked him up and down, kind of cute. "So, you think I'm cute?" He asked. You blushed.
  3. "I... I..." You couldn't seem to talk. You scowled, "stop doing that." You said. He irked, "doing what?" He asked me with an eyebrow raised. "You're reading my mind or something and you keep looking at me like you wanna do something to me." You answered firmly. "Something like what?" He asked. "I... I... Umm..." You stammered again. God why was he so cute? Imagine your perfect guy except ten times more perfect and cute.
  4. His smile faded as we got closer to his destination. He landed at a big mansion on the porch. He put in several passcodes and passwords that you could not see, or remember. He walked you downstairs, then threw you into a jail cell!
  5. "You can't just leave me here!" You screamed. "Technically, yes, I can." He said as he swung the door shut. "Let me out." You said authoritively, yet confident and emotion full. The boy swung the door open, then looked confused, then swung it back close.
  6. He mutters something under his breath, then he shakes his head. "You're gonna suffer for that little stunt you pulled today." He growls. "Today.... I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TODAY, YOU A-- HOLE!" you scream. He shakes his head, "you're a bad liar, we have proof." He says. "F--- you." You say, surprised by how much you cussed, because you're not really a cusser.
  7. It's alright. You think to yourself. It will become morning soon and they will cone looking for me. You lay down on a bed and try to process what just happened. I wish I could kick johnathan"'s a--. You think to yourself. And once I'm out, I sure will. You think. Then you nod and slowly go to sleep.
  8. You wake up with the mansion on fire!!
  10. Sooo..... Who do you like? You know... Before you leave...

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