What Type Of Girl Fits You

Yes not only girls have types, but guys do to, that why after I made the one for girls, i made this one, So what type of girl do you like

There are thousands of types of girls, I only put a few, so take this quiz to know what type of girl you like, it is just for fun

Created by: amazon
  1. In school you are classified as [If not at school, what characteristic are you most like]
  2. Tell me, what activity would you rather do
  3. The Item you would want a girl to bring to school
  4. where would you take a girl on a date
  5. What will inpress you in a girl
  6. Things or Places you are likely to be associated with
  7. What do you want to be later in your life
  8. I'm done with questions, since i'm a girl i don't know how accurate this is :/, the one for girls was accurate
  9. Ok last question: What characteristics do you want in a girl
  10. Ok I'm done: Time For results, so bye oan

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