What Type Of Guy Fits You?

From What kind of foreign guys fit you, I give you What type of guy fits you, so find out what guy is your ideal guy, it's a quiz to find the guy you like.

I hate these 150, anyway take my other quizzes pliz rate and comment even though I was pretty lazy creating this, but I did try at some point, why do I even bother no one reads this.

Created by: amazon

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  1. What's your favorite activity among these things:
  2. Your favorite item.
  3. Item that you like go to school with.
  4. Where do you hangout?
  5. Foreign stuff you like.
  6. What would you do in life?
  7. Have nothing to say so time for results.
  8. Take my other quizzes like What kind of foreign guys fit you, the real does your crush like you quiz, Do u rebound quickly after your dumped, Never From Ordinary[it's a love series I need a certain number of ppl to make another one]
  9. Comment, rate
  10. Bye I'll miss u.

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