Bite Marks: A Vampire Love Story (part 2)

Been waiting for the second part of Bite Marks: A Vampire Love Story came out? Well here it is!

In this part, Lexi discovers that her relationship between this mystery boy is far more than just normal friendship. Though he may not be a vampire, Lexi and this mysterious boy have well and truly fell for each other.

Created by: iIsNinjaKitty

  1. I was stunned. We'd only met about 5 minutes ago, and he had already kissed me. What was going on? I questioned myself. I felt like I had been teleported to heaven with this boy. But we had only just met!
  2. What should I do? I wondered desperately. I couldn't run back home. My body wouldn't let me do anything, really, but stare into this boy's eyes.
  3. However, at the same time, it was extremely awkward. 'Um-' I stammered, 'c-could you tell me where the bathroom is?'
  4. 'Of course' he answered, 'just up here.' I followed the boy upstairs into a small little bathroom. As I closed the door, I noticed he was staring into my eyes exactly the same as I did to him.
  5. As I was doing my thing, I was wondering why he had brung me in. Then it came to me that he must had noticed me burning in the sunlight. Oh god, who does he think I am? To make matters worse, I heard the sound of loud crying coming from outside. I stood up and peered out of the window. No one was outside. For one insane second I thought it was the boy who saved me from turning to dust, but no. The sound was coming from the castle. I realised it was Robert, my younger brother, who obviously thought I was dead.
  6. I felt so bad. I wished I could just run back to the castle and tell Robert and Richard that I was fine. But I couldn't.
  7. I suppose my brothers had been fighting, bla de bla de bla. But I shouldn't have reacted so angrily.
  8. But I hardly regretted it. If I hadn't have been stupid, I would have never met this boy.
  9. But I had to go downstairs again. If I took any longer, he might think that I was sick or something, and then he wouldn't want to go near me, and I didn't want that.
  10. So I made my way downstairs to the angel. 'Did you hear that?' He asked anxiously. 'That crying boy? Do you think he had done the same thing as you? How did you get hurt, anyway?
  11. 'Ummm...' I was lost for words, so I decided to change the subject. 'Doesn't matter. What's your name, anyway?'
  12. The boy looked at me suspiciously. 'It's Christopher, or Chris for short. You can call me either. I'm 15 years old, but I don't go to school, I quit because I was bullied and had no friends.' Chris blushed slightly in embarrassment as he said those last few words.
  13. 'I don't mind. I don't have any friends, either.' I said, stroking his soft, slightly pink cheek. As I stroked him, it went even pinker.
  14. 'Meet me at the park,' he whispered to me so his lips were almost touching my cheek. 'But bye, for now.'
  15. I glanced out of his living room window. The clouds were covering up the sun so it was safe to go. 'Bye!' I said, waving, and gently closed the door.
  16. I ran all the way back to the castle, straight past Robert, who screamed, and Richard, whose mouth was in the shape of a perfect capital o, up the spiral staircase, tripping slightly on a few steps, but carrying on running. I threw myself into my bedroom and flung myself onto my dusty bed. I no longer cared about anything else in the world, but the fact that, after fourteen years of a boring, rubbish life, I had FINALLY found LOVE!

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