a warrior cats love story (SHE CATS ONLY) part three

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Created by: mewmew212
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  1. Okay. Did you take part one? If not, GO TAKE IT!!!
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  3. So we last ended on the fact that u were attacked by rougues and your paw hurts really bad right?
  4. Ready?
  5. You pad limping out of your den. Cloudtail laid not very far from you, his white pelt blending with the bright of lillies in the patch he was sitting in. Cloudtail, your father's mother's cousin, just gave you a simple friendly nod accompanied with a tail twitch in your direction to signify that he knows you are there. You see his mate, brightheart sitting by him, licking her chest fur. She twitched her tail in greeting. You look for silverclaw, by instead you see lightningheart. You walk over to him. " hallo lightningheart. What are you doing today?" He replies, "nothing. I was just going to check the border on my patrol. Wanna co-" he stopped and looked at your leg. "Oh yeah... well never mind. Wanna go and see how squirrelflight is doing? She was just made an elder a few days ago." You nod, and pad along to see your grandmother. She is doing fine, and you chat with her as lightningheart does his patrol.
  6. She is doing great, and happy in the elder's den. Soon, you see lightningheart's electric yellow pelt shimmering and he walked through the tunnel. You clumsily get up onto your paws, accidentally putting weight on your hurt paw. Your legs buckle and you fall back down onto the ground. Shadowbolt is right outside the den, an he sees you falling. Instantly he rushes over to you and sees that you get back to the medicine cat. Though you are grateful to shadowbolt, you can sense someone looking at you. You look back and see that Lightningheart is staring with jealousy burning furiously into shadowbolt and your pelts. But when you looked back he looked away.
  7. You and silverclaw are talking about the gathering that was this night. Suddenly, a yowl goes up over the crowd. You rush to your paws but collapse. Silverclaw nudges your side and tells you to stay silent and don't move. He runs out of the medicine cat's den. You can hear Your leader yowling out, "Shadowclan's invading!" Suddenly there is a rustling and you pull yourself into the darkest corner you can find and curl into a ball. A dark brown shadowclan warrior, you remember him from the border battle, looks around, and spots you in the corner. He pads over menacingly, and grins evilly. "Hello. You are conning with ME!" He hisses. He grabs you by the scruff and runs out, also covering your mouth with a paw. As he leaves, you are trying to scream for help but none came. You were kidnapped!
  8. You are taken to the shadowclan camp. Suddenly the dark brown cat dropped you on a pile of moss. You groan and pick your head up, tiredly. Soon thier leader, backstage walks out and looks at you, sniffing you carefully. Suddenly you let out a yowl for help. Who do you call for?
  9. Suddenly every thing goes black and all you can do is listen to the footsteps around you. You are in pain, and your leg feels even worse than it was from the start. Suddenly, a rustling came from the tree beside you.
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