Warrior Cats love story part 1

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This is my first quiz. It's called "Warrior Cats Love Story Part 1" I hope you love it. There will be more Toms in part 2. Anyways I hope you Love My QUIZ!!!!!

Do you love the Warrior Cats Series? Well I do!!! Do you every want to know what its like to live as a warrior? I did and many people have inspired me to make this Quiz. I hope you LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Valentine876
  1. You (Your Name) wake up and the first thing you see is your mother Hollydrop. You stand up and at first you wobble around but you gained your balance. You look around and see your friends Stormkit and Goldenkit. They are playing with an apprentice named Lightpaw. "Who Do You Go and play with?"
  2. (I doesn't matter what you chose) Lightpaw walks up to you and asks you a question. He asks you if you want to go and look at the ravine with him. He says that it would be fun and he said that it wouldn't do any harm. "How do you Reply?"
  3. (Only if you said Yes in some way) So when you get to the ravine, You say it so beautiful out here. Instead of answering you he just licks your muzzle. Thats when you think in your head *Does he like me?* (what do you do?)
  4. You walk around thinking of what to do as a reply. You pick what your going to do your going to (What you chose). After you replied to him your about to ask him a question when... He stops you and says I smell a badger. You turn around and YOU SEE A BADGER. He tells you to run but it feels as if you cant move. You just stand there while he is yelling at you to run. the badger scratches you. All of a sudden you black out. You have a dream about (Your Choice)
  5. When you wake up the first person you see is the med. cat. Then you feel a horrible pain. You look down at yourself and see cuts. Then Goldenkit and Stormkit come running in. They tell you some bad news. They tell you that lightpaw died saving you. You Lick their muzzles and they both blush. Then the Med. Cat tells you that it will take a while for your cuts to heal. She says it will take about a Quarter moon. You look at (Your choice of cat) and lick their muzzle again. The Med. Cat told you to get some rest so you did. Then you have a dream. You don't know where you are.You see a Cat with orange stripes. You ask them where you are. Then you saw their face light up with horror. You ask them whats wrong but all they say is "It's Coming Stay away, Its Coming." Frantically you say whats coming. They didn't Anwser when all of a sudden you hear someone calling your name. You look around you see nobody. When all of a sudden you start to see light (Your Waking up). Then you see the Med. Cat. She ask you whats wrong? *You Say?*
  6. (6 Moons Later) You are finally healed and you, Goldenkit,and Stormkit are now apprentices. Sadly Goldenpaw is going to be a Med. Cat so you won't get to train with him. Your Mentor Lionheart asks you if you want to go hunting. you answer them with a very happy nod. While your out hunting you learn how to hunt all types of animals. You bring back One mouse and Two plump Voles. You give some to the kits and some to the elders. When you are finished Goldenpaw and Stormpaw both come up to you and ask if you want to eat together. When you are eating you notice that Stormpaw is leaning on your pelt purring and then you notice that Goldenpaw's tail and your tail are entwined. You don't do anything about it but you just hope nobody notices. (Who do you chose so far)
  7. When your finished eating lionheart asks you if you want to go and train. You answer with a nod. After you are training Goldenpaw comes up to you and sits right next to you. He licks your muzzle and asks can i talk to you? He says "We have been friends since we were kits and every since that i wanted to tell you that i.... He stops when Stormpaw comes and says Its time to get some sleep. You go to sleep and dream of what happened. You remember him saying We have been friends since we were kits and every since that i wanted to tell you that i... Stormpaw had to interrupt him you think in your dream. You think *I wonder what he was going to tall me?* (What do you say?)
  8. its morning and you really want to know what Goldenpaw was going to say. But you dont want to ask him yet. You go hunting with your mentor and while your hunting you kill lots of things when you saw a BADGER!!! Lionheart Tells you to run. But again you couldn't move. You could just remember the time when you were a kit. You went to the ravine with... lightpaw and you saw a badger. You just keep remembering what happened when lionheart killed it and grabbed you by you scruff back to your den. You still had the same look on your face when he got you there. You finally were back (You weren't shocked anymore). When Goldenpaw came up to you and said Are you alright?!?!? You just licked his muzzle. Then and turned away and said can i talk to you? So you followed him. He said "We have been friends since we were kits and every since then i wanted to tell you that i........" (LOL guys im going to leave you here)
  9. I hoped You guys Loved this QUIZ

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