Warrior cats love story PART 4

Hey guys welcome to Warrior cats love story PART 4 and I hope that you like reading them as much as I like making them for you guys! I'll be making part 5 If I get enough viewers. ~Falconheart

Please no mean comments or Scams ease cause the're just a waist of time to look at and read. This is a she-cats quiz not a toms quiz. But if your a Tom and you still read it then... Ya. ~Falconheart

Created by: Falconheart
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  1. Okay so we started at where you hear a voice and you see another cat, correct?
  2. Your ears perk and you see Mosspaw, the Starclan cat padded up to you purring, "Amberbreeze!" You muzzle his cheek, "Mosspaw, why are you here?" Mosspaw sat back on his haunches, "to see my favorite she-cat of course!" You purr and nudge him over, he scrambles up and knocked you over also. He pins you down and looks you in the eyes, you stare into his smokey colored eyes. "I've missed you a lot Amberbreeze... Don't forget I'm always with you no matter how far apart we are..." His voice faded and his starry form slowly disappered from sight. You scramble up and look around calling his name.
  3. You wake up in your soft cushioned nest, looking around yu see that your in the nursery. You think this threw for a moment and you spot two she-cats coming your way. "Amberbreeze, remember us?" You look them throughly and you remember the same spotted pelt of Leopardleaf and the short white pelt of Snowycliff. "Leopardleaf, Snowycliff? Why are you guys here," they look at you. "We died as queens and we want to help you pick a mate." Your sky blue eyes widen as you back up slowly, "I'm not ready for a mate, I still need to choose..." You were cut off by a loud purr, "oh Amberbreeze, you need as much help as you can get. Now I'm going to ask you a simple quistion and your going to know the answer right away..." Leopardleaf stated, Snowyfall cut in, "who as been there for you whenever you needed help the most?" A vision of a cat suddenly popped into your mind...
  4. You wake up thrashing in your old nest in the warriors den, Blazefur was looking at you sleepily, "finally your awake... You need to go on the dawn patrol with Spottail, Swipeclaw, and Falconstar." Your ears perked, 'a border patrol with the leader? Great, you can show off your skil... Wait I'm not an apprentice anymore!' You jumped up and raced out of the den tripping over cats on the way.
  5. You walk out of the den instantly greeted by purrs of welcoming. "Hey Amberbreeze," Spottail called to you while running towards you followed by Swipeclaw. Spottail rubbed his cheek against yours as Swipeclaw licked rapidly at you muzzle. You purr and walk over to Falconstar, "hi Falconstar." You dipped your head politly and Falconstar started to walk out of the hollow towards the border. You follow slowly as you smell the air cautiously. You pick up a strong scent of Stoneclan cats on your side of the border. "Hey Falconstar, they've trespassed on our side!" You yowled over to her as you followed the strong scent. The trail stopped at a holly bush and you heared a loud battle cry yowl. A black Tom leapt out and jumped on top of you pinning you to the ground as he sunk his teeth into your neck piercing your skin. You yowled and pummeled his belly with the claws tearing out big tufts of fur. He leaped off and attacked with swiping claws. You dodged carefully, angling your position, you leapt into his side and crashed him into a big oak tree. He laid their winded, you looked around seeing your friends fighting the toms patrol. You spotted Spottail battling two she-cats dodging and swerving to the sides, you leap and land on one she-cats back pinning them flat to the ground while she tried to struggle out, "you better watch out, our clan should now be attacking your camp now!" She growled in a low tone, your eyes widen on horror. You flick your tail and swipe your long hooked claws at her muzzle sending her fleeing back to her side of the border.
  6. You defeat the patrol and your patrol is now headed back to camp to help your clan with the battle. You white orange pelt was splattered with blood and your wide sky blue eyes were wide with worry. Spottail was racing beside you, a deep gash was on his flank and he was breathing heavily, his wide watery blue eyes were clouded with pain but determination also. Swipeclaw was on your other side with only a few scratches on his hind leg, his Amber eyes were clear as he kept running straight ahead.
  7. You throw yourself threw the bramble thicket and you spot cats laying everywere breathing heavily but you spot one cat not breathing at all...
  8. CLIFFHANGER, sorry it was so short but I really hoped you liked it! :D
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