Warrior Cats Love Story PART 3

Hope you enjoy this warrior cats love story and I also hope you get the one that you love, there is a cliffhanger at the end of this just a warning!-Falconheart

This is a she-cats love story no toms unless there is something wrong with you. Please comment and rate at the end of this and no mean comments or scams-Falconheart.

Created by: Falconheart
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  1. (3 moons ahead) you sit beside Sunnypaw and Mistypaw. Your bright calico pelt gleamed in the sun as your wide sky blue eyes looked up at the leader, Falconstar. "I am calling a special clan meeting for three of our apprentices here today. Amberpaw(you), Spotpaw, and Swipepaw." Falconstar paused and looked at you with gleaming green eyes. "Please step forward." She said alast. Spotpaw, Swipepaw, and you step forward below the highcliff. Flaconstar looks at you with her leaf green gaze, she flicked her tail. "Your mentors have told me that you are ready to become warriors, do you promise to up hold the warrior code and defend this clan with your life?" You all reply in synche, "yes!" Falconstar dipped her head, "from this day forth Spotpaw your name shall be Spottail, Swipeclaw your name shall be Swipeclaw, and Amberpaw, your name shall be Amberbreeze." Falconstar rested her head on each of our heads while we licked her shoulder in turn.
  2. You were greeted with a large crowd of cats gathering around you and the toms. You pushed your way threw and you ended up bumping into a orange tabby Tom, Blazefur, "hey Amberbreeze, you earned that warrior name!" He licked your muzzle and padded off to congratulate the other toms. You see Pinefur nervously walking towards you. His Dark brown pelt glowing lighter as the Suns Rays hits him. His shady fiery orange eyes have no expression as his long bushy fox tail flicked back an forth. "Hey, Amberbreeze..." He started off before you purred and licked his cheek thoughtfully. "Ya you've came to congratulate me, thanks Pinefur!" You pad off with your tail swaying to and fro. You look back and see his eyes full of shock and his jaw dropped to the floor.
  3. Soon the crowd of cats parted into their dens and you saw Spottail and Swipeclaw depressingly hanging by a mound of dirt. You walk over and sadly look at the grave. You press your paw gently on the pile of dirt sadly thinking, 'oh Mosspaw, you'll always be in my heart, and your brothers hearts, no matter how far away you are.' You look up at silver pelt seeing the shining swirls of stars. One of the stars shine more bright than the others. "He should've been at the gathering with us..." Your thoughts were interrupted as Spottail spoke aloud. "He was at the gathering with us," you spoke up. "He was watching us. And he was very proud of us all," Swipeclaw agreed sadly. You forced your gaze away from silver pelt and looked at the two warriors. "Come on, we have to do our silent vigil and watch the camp." You head towards the camp entrance and plopped yourself down looking out across the forest. Spottail sat beside you and Swipeclaw sat on the other side of you. Both of their gazes were intent on the forest surroundings.
  4. You see the sun starting to slowly but surely rise over the tall mountain peeks in the distance. You look over and see Spottails long white fur fluffed out with his gray spotted tail flicking back and forth. His watery blue eyes look at yours as the sun catches his white pelt to make it shimmer. You touch noses with him silently. Padding back with Spottail and Swipeclaw on either side of you, you emerge into camp with cats starting to slowly file out of their dens blinking sleep out of their eyes. Venomfang, the deputy, looking around his violet eyes sparked as he saw his mate, Leafpelt, emerge into the clearing. He whispered in her ear and started to pad calmly towards you. "Hello new warriors, you should get some sleep then you will be going on the dusk patrol." He hissed gently and padded back towards his mate.
  5. You obey and pad towards your new den. You pick threw the nest trying to find a clean one for yourself. You sniffed one out and slept soundly with Spottail and Swipeclaw on each side of you. Swipeclaw curled his tail around you and his fur brushed against your back as he wiggled around to get comfortable.
  6. You soon fell into a deep sleep dreaming about you trying to catch a mouse in deep unknown territory. The shrubs rustled silently as you picked your way threw them prowling after the mouse. Your fur blended in with all the brown tree trunks. The white mouse stopped and its long whiskers twitched as it looked around catching a scent, It scurried away into a hole. You growled and got up, "who's there?!" You demanded as you scented the air. "It's me Amberbreeze," you heard a soft silky voice that you've known and loved. "_________?!"
  7. Sorry guys that it's so short but I will be making a part 4 once I think I've got a few viewers at least, hoped you liked it!
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  9. Who do you like the best? (Right, sorry guys I forgot to put pictures of em, I'll do it in the fourth one though.)
  10. should I make part 4?

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