~~Warrior Cats: Love Story~~

Hi there, quiz takers! I'm Nightstream, welcome to my Warrior Cats Love Story Quiz. Sorry guys, this is a quiz only for girls, unless you are fine playing as a she-cat.

In this quiz, you will be playing as a young golden tabby she-kit with blue eyes, named Dawnkit. There will be two toms (I might add in a few more later on). Enjoy!

Created by: Nightstream
  1. You open your eyes to see a pretty gray she-cat with deep amber eyes gazing at you. She was your mother. "Hello, little kit." (What do you think of her?)
  2. A dark ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes was sitting next to your mother, gazing proudly at you. Your mother smiled at him, "Come meet your kit." "Then the tom nuzzled you gently, "I'm your dad, little kit."
  3. "What do you want to name her?" asked your dad. "Her golden tabby pelt and bright blue eyes remind me of a dawn sky, what about calling her Dawnkit?" "That's a great name," your father replied. "Now," meowed your mother, "You should go meet you're littermates, they're already outside." You head outside the nursery and see a blue-gray kit with white paws and chest. Is that...
  4. "Hi, there Dawnkit," the tom-kit greeted (he had heard your parents discussion about your name. "I'm your brother, Shadekit."
  5. "We've been waiting ages for you, Petalkit and I,"-he angled his ears to a pale tortoiseshell she-kit-"She's our sister."
  6. "Let's play a game of warrior-and-mouse," Petalkit suggested. Shadekit nodded and turned to you. "That's a game where the warriors have to catch 'the mouse' (another kit) by chasing it. When you catch it, the game is over."
  7. "You be the mouse, and Petalkit and I will be the warriors. Okay?" You nodded. "Ready...set...GO!" You dashed forward, Petalkit and Shadekit were after you.
  8. You accidentally crashed into another kit and you fell over. He was a tom, a bit bigger than yourself. He was a reddish-brown tabby with deep green eyes.
  9. "Are you okay?" the tom asked, helping you up. His green eyes had a worried look.
  10. "I'm Oakkit." "Hi, I'm Dawnkit." A white tom-kit with black ear tips, thick fur and icy blue eyes padded over. "Hi, you lovebirds," he meowed, smiling at the Oakkit teasingly. Oakkit blushed, "I'm not...we're not..." he stammered.
  11. The white tom laughed. "I'm just playing with ya!" He turned to you. "Hi, you're Dawnkit right?" You nodded. He smiled, "I'm Snowkit."
  12. Snowkit left and tapped his bushy tail on Oakkit's shoulder. "Take care." Oakkit looked embarrassed, "I'm sorry, Snowkit can get a little...odd."
  13. Crowstar's (your clan leader) yowl interrupted the awkward silence. "Let all cat's old enough to hunt gather beneath the hightree for a clan meeting!"
  14. Once every cat had gathered, Crowstar began. (You sit by...)
  15. "We have recently found rabbit blood on our side of the border with GorseClan. We have given them many chances to end this intruding on our territory," Crowstar paused, then continued. "We must wage war with GorseClan. SmokeClan must attack them at Moonhigh tonight!"
  16. Cliffhanger!!! Did you like this quiz?
  17. Are you ready for the next quiz in this story?

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