Warrior cat love story ( for she-cats only )

This quiz is for she-cats only. You are a cat named Frost/kit/paw/feather. You live in Spiritclan. Your mother is Silverpool, your father is Oakwhisker.

You have silver fur and blue eyes. You have three toms who like you. Golden Solar/kit/paw/stream, Blue-gray Leaf/kit/paw/stone, or mottled brown and gray Hawk/kit/paw/feather.

Created by: Starfrost

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  3. You are a kit in the nursery. Your name is Frostkit. You are the only one awake. You look at your den mates, Solarkit, Leafkit, Hawkkit, and your sister, Streamkit. Who do you wake up first?
  4. This question is for if you chose Solarkit. Solarkit, wake up! He blinks open his green and blue eyes. Want to play mossball? Sure, but let's wake up I the other kits first.
  5. This question is for if you chose Leafkit. Leafkit wake up,! He yawns. Want to play mossball? Sure * yawn * but let's wake the other kits
  6. This question is if you chose Hawkkit. Hawkkit, wake up! Huh, what? Do you want to play mossball? Sure he responds. But let's wake up the other kits.
  7. This question is for if you chose Steamkit. Streamkit, wake up! What is it sis? Want to play mossball? Sure but let's wake the other kits first.
  8. You have the mossball. Who do you pass it to?
  9. All of a sudden a hawk swoops down on you. Who do you call for?
  10. No matter who you chose your mother saves you. Then everyone starts bombarding you with questions.
  11. The medicine cat, Cloudwing tells everyone to step back and give you room to breathe. "bring her to my den" she tells your mother, Silverpool.
  12. After that you went into unconsciousness. When you wake up ____kit is by your side. "W-what happened?" you asked. ____kit says,"after your mother saved you, you whispered my name and then went into unconsciousness." "How long have I been out?" "Only a day"
  13. You are now 6 moons old, and your apprentice ceremony is tomorrow. What do you want to do?
  14. Your clan leader, Spiritstar, calls a meeting. Frostkit, Solarkit, Leafkit, Hawkkkit, and Streamkit. You will now be known as Frostpaw, Solarpaw, Leafpaw, Hawkpaw,and Streampaw. Your mentors will be Frostpaw to birch claw, Solarpaw to myself, Leafpaw to Firefur, and Hawkpaw to Blakclaw. While Streampaw has chosen the noble path of a medicine cat, her mentor will be Cloudwing. That is all. * every cat cheers your names *
  15. In the apprentice den there is room by all three of the toms nests. Where do you make yours?
  16. The next morning, your mentor takes you hunting. He says you can take one friend with you who do you choose?
  17. No matter who you chose Solarpaw came with you. Your mentors tell you to try team hunting. Your task is to catch a rabbit. When you are stalking the rabbit Solarpaw's fur brushes against yours. Sorry he mumbles. What do you say?
  18. Eventually you catch the rabbit. Afterwards, you go back to camp. You decide to share the rabbit with someone. Who do you share it with?
  19. You are patrolling on the PineClan border when all of a sudden a badger comes out of the trees, running straight at you!!! Who do you call for?
  20. Never the less Birchclaw saved you. But the moment you were on your feet, you were attacking the badger. Then Leafpaw slipped and fell. What do you do?
  21. After the battle with the badger, Spiritstar decides to make you warriors. Frost paw you will now be Frostfeather, Solarpaw you will now be Solarstream, Leafpaw you will now be Leafstone, Hawkpaw you will now be Hawkfeather. * the clan cheers you new names *
  22. After your vigil, in the morning, Birchclaw tells you to go in the Warriors den and pick a nest. Whose nest do you put yours by?

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