Warrior Cats Love Story Part 1 (Girls only)

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Hello! This is my first quiz so don't give me pressure. I have seen many of these and I wanted to do one two! And btw the title pic is what you look like in the quiz.

You are a kit by the name of Petalkit. You are one moon old and live in LightningClan. Life is fine until you take your paws out of the nursery and face the challenges if love (or as much live as a kit can get)

Created by: Ivydream
  1. You finally walk out of the nursery with your sister, Adderkit. The camp is huge! Tigerkit follows you out. "Would you like to explore camp with me?" He says to both if you.
  2. Before you had a chance to speak Adderkit said "I uhh would uhh like that?" Before awkwardness came Oceanbreeze, your mother, shouted "DON'T LEAVE CAMP OR YOU SHALL SUFFER MY WRAITH OF LICKING YOU UNTIL YOU BECOME ELDERS" Nice save, you think. Tigerkit leads you ti the fresh-kill pile, where Firepaw was eating a thrush. He stopped to say "Tigerkit you just got out of the nursery, let me show them around"
  3. Adderkit looked like she was about to die, but you weren't sure that it was about Firepaw showing up or Tigerkit leaving so you said: "How about you BOTH show us?" "Works for me" Tigerkit said. Firepaw rolled his eyes and said "Whatever." The two cats lead the way while you falled back to walk with your sister. "You ok?" you ask her. "It's just, I really like Tigerkit".
  4. Firepaw and Tigerkit walk to the apprentice den. Firepaw takes a look at the clump of ferns and shudders. "Darkpaw is sleeping" he whispers. You tilt your head in wonder. Who is Darkpaw, you ask yourself. As if reading your mind, Tigerkit said "He won't like the sight of you. We'll sneak past the apprentice den." Firepaw agreed. But sneaking woke Darkoaw up. "WHO DARES TO WAKE ME?" You sneak behind:
  5. Whoever you hide behind, if you do, Darkpaw says "Oh. My stupid brother and some stupid kits." You widen your eyes. Firepaw and Darkpaw are brothers? They don't even look alike, you think. Firepaw is a handsome ginger tabby while Darkpaw is a boring skinny brown tabby. But he looked, sad. You locked eyes and saw longingness in Darkpaw's surprisingly beautiful eyes.
  6. "Lets just go" Adderkit says breaking the silence. "I want to see the warrior den" They all nodded in approval, except for Darkpaw who was muttering random things suchvas bullet ants. As they appeoached the warrior den, you heard Cloverstar yowl. The camp is under attack! Two giant foxes rampaged their way into the center of camp. The foxes attacked all cats who were close enough and cornered a couple. They were cornering Your sister, Tigerkit, Firepaw, and Darkpaw! You yell out:
  7. The cat you yelled out looked at you with pure terror. But it wasn't for them, it was for you. The biggest fox turned on you and grabbed you by the back in his jagged teeth that teeared inti into your fur. "HELP ME" You scream. Your sibling couldn't help and the only apprentices, Firepaw and Darkpaw were coenered. Your mother still couldn't fight, she recently stopped giving milk. "Leave her alone, Fox." It was Cloverstar. She pounced on the fox that was holding you. The fox tried to puah her off, but Cloverstar bit it's neck tightly until she heard a SNAP. The fox dropped you and collasped. It was dead.
  8. You forgot about the other fox. And boy, that fox was mad. It left the young cats and raced towards Cloverstar. Cloverstar ran towards it and tried to pounce, but it was too late. The fox gripped Cloverstar in its mouth until she lost a life. The fox swung her across camp and went to the entrance. But before it left, it ran and snatched Adderkit. It killed her.
  10. Watch for Part 2!

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