The Life of a Warrior Cat: Part One

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Welcome! Firstly, the results of this quiz series will give you either a positive trait, a neutral trait or a negative trait, such as bravery, awkwardness or cruelty. Answer the questions in character, and by the end of this eight-part series, you will unlock your cat's whole personality. Oh, and if a question isn't about the option you chose, skip it.

So, your cat: you are a short, solidly-built fluffy white she-kit with silver-tipped fur, big green eyes and a long plumy tail named Lilykit. Your mother, Frostflower, is a warrior of your Clan, RiverClan, and she looks exactly like you. Your father, Stagstar, is the leader of your Clan and has dark red tabby fur and deep blue eyes. Your sister, Deerkit, is a dark red tabby she-kit with small white spots and amber eyes.

Created by: LilyWitch

  1. Go read the introduction right now, understood? :)
  2. The nursery is dark and gloomy. You can hear the gentle breathing of other she-cats and their kits, smell the heady scent of herbs and milk. And SOMEONE has their paw in your ear - your sister, Deerkit.
  3. Your mother, Frostflower, rolls over and tucks you both further beneath her. Deerkit wakes up in protest. "Mother! You just squished my tail!" A few kits wake up at the sound of her voice and start wriggling towards the nursery entrance. Frostflower shushes her. "Hush. You'll wake StarClan with that loud voice of yours, Deerkit."
  4. [Snap at Deerkit] Frostflower glares at you. "That wasn't nice, Lilykit. Apologise to your sister, now."
  5. [Leave the nest] Frostflower tugs you back with a paw. "Lilykit! It's not even dawn yet, and the others need their sleep. I won't have you galivanting around camp before the warriors are even awake."
  6. Suddenly, a great furry lump lands on your mother. She rears up in shock, and you and Deerkit roll out from beneath her onto the floor. Two of the deputy, Mistycloud's kits, Ripplekit and Icekit, climb off her abashedly. "Sorry," Ripplekit whispers. Icekit says nothing. Frostflower snorts, then looks towards the entrance again. "Oh, whatever. We're awake now, so we may as well go outside."
  7. [Yeet out the door] The camp is enormous! And there's cats everywhere! And Frostflower and Deerkit walk too slow! You tumble over to a large dark red tabby tom - it's your father, Stagstar, leader of RiverClan, the BEST Clan in the forest.
  8. [Shove Deerkit out the door] Frostflower tsks at you. "Lilykit! What did I say about being rude?" Deerkit gives you a furious look.
  9. Your father, Stagstar, gives you a warm glance. "Hi, Lilykit. Sleep well?" "Yes," you respond, "Until Ripplekit and Icekit leapt on us. They're so annoying." He laughs. "Mistycloud's three sons are a handful, that's for sure. Especially when she doesn't have her mate to help her," That was sad. Mistycloud's mate, Swiftwind, had been killed in battle by a ThunderClan tom. Your father, and the whole Clan, are furious with them.
  10. [Who was the tom] Stagstar gives you a praising look. "His name is Nightstorm, little one. He's a huge black and silver tom, bigger than me, with orange eyes. Quite terrifying, really."
  11. [Get revenge] "We will someday, Lilykit. But we have to be smart. We can't just pick a fight with them for fun. Remember that," he says, then bumps noses with you. "I've a patrol to go on, but I'll play with you later, my darling,"
  12. Three moons pass, and you're now five moons old. Mistycloud's kits have become apprentices, and they're now Ripplepaw, Icepaw, and Stormpaw. They come striding into camp, two fish dangling from each of their mouths. You nudge Deerkit, who's stretching beside you. "They're so arrogant now that they're apprentices, aren't they?" Deerkit nods and flicks her tail. "They really are. They think they're so much better than us, just because we're still kits. We're only two moons younger, honestly." Icepaw drops his fish on the fresh-kill pile and stalks over to you. You flatten your ears. "Hi, weaklings. Enjoy the food WE caught for you," he says, his voice full of contempt. Deerkit hisses.
  13. [Paws} Icepaw flattens his ears. "Whatever, Lilykit. You'll still be eating it and the end of the day. Maybe you'll even be able to catch your own one day,"
  14. [Moron] Icepaw hisses at you. Ripplepaw and Stormpaw come to flank him. Suddenly, Frostflower walks past, and knows without even asking that you insulted them. "Apologise, Lilykit." she snaps, walking off.
  15. It's time for your apprentice ceremony! You and Deerkit are being trained as warriors, but you don't know who your mentors are yet.

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