Warrior cats love story quiz part 5

You are a pretty she-cat with 6 toms following you around your mother is firestorm and you are skybreese. sorry this one is later to come out. I really meant for it to come earlier.

I am going to be makeing a warrior cat quiz to test your knowledge on warrior cats well I will see you on part 6. Who knows who you will fall in love with this time.

Created by: Rubyfur

  1. please read the opening paragraphs I has info on the last quiz and things you need to know
  2. Your age
  3. Gender
  4. You wake in your den the warriors den to find that when you open you eyes you still can't see * sigh* you Hear someone come and sit next you you can't tell who it is when your vision slowly returns you smile to find
  5. It is bluestripe he says " do you want to go on hunting protral with me you know that is you say no you will disrespect your clan and hurt him so you say yes no matter what he brings with him: firestorm ( she would never let you go of alone with a tom seen as she is your mother) blossomfall ( your best friend) some other cats you split up into small groups of two bluestripe wants you to go with him but blossomfall says for you to go with her wether or not you like bluestripe you go with blossomfall she says "should we go do things on are own then come back together." You say yes then you come back and
  6. When you get back to camp hopestar calls a meeting she says it is the gathering tonight as you all know. That cats that will be coming with me are: skybreese, blossomfall, falconheart, hawkfrost, scar, bluestripe, pinefur, brambletuft est and firestorm. We set of soon meet me and pinefur at the entrance of camp.
  7. You meet hopestar at the entrance to camp and set of to the gathering.
  8. Are you likening this quiz to far
  9. Well I will see you soon please comment or rate
  10. Who do you like so far

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