Warrior cats love story quiz part 3

Hello and welcome to warrior cats love story quiz part 3 have you done part 1 and 2 if you have I would suggest you do. In this story you will meet a new car oops spoiler alert

The cats are falconheart bluestripe brambletuft pinefur scar. I hope you enjoy it because I put a lot of effort into this one and all the others. If you could comment or rate it that would be wonderful

Created by: Rubyfur

  1. hello I am not even shore if people are actually doing this but I will still make them no matter what.
  2. You must read the opening paragraphs OK!
  3. You age
  4. Sorry but your gender
  5. And sorry again but you have to be a she-cat to continue I promise to make sure that I will make one for toms though
  6. We were at the point were you got catnapped by a shadowclan warrior and brought to there camp to only find that the deputy was your exiled father TigerFang! Is that right? Because It should be
  7. I have been wondering were you have been skybreese you know I kind of missed attacking you for no reason but this time looks like you can't fight back boo hoo! Should I Finnish you of this time or let you and you friends and family ( other than me) suffer? I coudn't help but over hear that you definitely can't fight back because you hurt your paw.
  8. Tigerfang pins you down giving you new engeries your clan attacks you black out nothing happens when you wake you think I will wake in the med.cat den and it was all a bad dream but no that is not what happened.
  9. You wake to fined your self carmped in a tight cage and a cat In Frount of you are you have woken up. Now what I am about to do is nothing but for great pleasure but most importantly REVENGE! What for? For what thunderclap has cost me and shadowclan What we have cost you you tried to kill us mainly me your only suviving daughter!Whatever He scratched you face deep then did the same ting but along you back you yelp in pain but you can't move the cage is to tight there is Russeling in the bushes
  10. It was this different cat a cat you had never seen beforeWho are you had what are you doing here on shadowclan territory?Who are you to say that and what are you doing here with this beautiful she-cat?I am Tigerfang deputy of shadowclan she is my daughter skybreese a warrior of thunderclan. You?Hawk a rouge used to be hawkfrost s thunder i mean windclan You think I recognise him you were now so engered you were gasping for air and blacked out
  11. You wake up in a bush with hawk sat by your side you felt really weak but you think that gus tried to help a bit but he new he was not a med.cat Are you really from windclan you ask slowlyI have to admit I am not Then what clan are you from? This may sound sill but I think I reaconise you from some were I am from thunderclan your clan I am sorry I did not show my self sooner I was just scared after all I have been through Would you like to come back to camp with me Sure! And you might need some help getting there anyway.
  12. You head back to camp now everyone crowds around you and hawk they all remember him as well. Then when everyone leaves you got talk to the leader with hawk and the leader likes hawk so let's him join. You have to tell the med.cat everything then he gave you poppy seeds and places herbs on your wounds.

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