Warrior Cats Love Story(She cats only.) #2

this is a continuation of the first love story I did, I´m pretty sure these are the right characters, but you know... This is five moons after you got hurt badly after that battle. the rogues attack you again in the story

also, you have healed from the fatal neck wound you had. you woke up to find that sunpaw was sitting right beside you... did you enjoy the first part? I hope you did! welp, enjoy part two!

Created by: Silver breeze

  1. You have just been made a warrior.during your long vigil. Sunfur walks over and sits next to you. You think:
  2. The next day, the deputy, sweet meadow, tell´s you to go on dawn patrol with cinnamon foot, iceleap, and leafnose. during the patrol you walk with:
  3. No matter who you chose to walk with, the patrol comes to a halt. ¨Why did we stop?¨ you ask. ¨Leafnose scented a rogue. he´s alone, but still dangerous.¨
  4. the rogue walks out of the bushes. you take a second before straightening yourself back up. he is a muscular, yellow tom with brown stripes. he has amber eyes that seem to burn with possibilites, questions, and answers all at the same time.
  5. the rest of the patrol seems mesmerized, as if everyone else had frozen in time. he walks over to you. ¨ hello SilverBreeze. It´s been a while. meet me at fourtree´s tonight. moonhigh.¨ he whisks away. that moment everyone else unfreezes. You
  6. the patrol continues back to the camp. as soon as you get close, you hear yowls of pain, fury, and worst of all, rage. you
  7. you fight with a skinny, orange furred she cat. she yowls in fury as you scratch her tail she retaliates by pinning you to the ground.you yell:
  8. the battle ends, but not without badly wounding sweet meadow. that day at sunhigh, sweet meadow dies and joins starclan
  9. That night, you remember that you have to meet with the rogue at fourtree´s. you quickly race to fourtree´s to not be late, but you also don´t want to miss the announcement of the new deputy.
  10. you see the tom sitting on the great rock. you feel your fur prickle as he purrs in delight, obviously unaware that you are uncomfortable
  11. No matter what you chose, the tom joins you where you are sitting. ¨do you remember my name?" he asks. You nod.¨hornet right?¨ he purrs, signaling you got it right
  12. ¨now, you may not remember who i am, but I know you. SIlverBreeze, I used to be called hornet wing
  13. then... CLIFFHANGER!!! mwahahahaha

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