Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 2

Okay, guys, part 2 is here. We skipped two and one half moons, just to let you know if you didn't read the quiz thoroughly. Sorry there's not much Bravepaw in this, but yeah.

So, now Honeypaw is 8 moons old--you are 8 moons old. Experienced in battling skills and hunting skills, when a danger comes during a time of peace, will you fight or be stuck in fright?

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. "Muddytrail! Littlelight! Dewshimmer!" you cheered the names of your old denmates. Two and a half moons had passed, and you were counting the days until you got to be a warrior. There were approximately 105 days left, or about a season, until you'd be getting a warrior name at last.
  2. "And now, the cats I have chosen to go to the Gathering are Peatfur, Glowpaw, Peachlight, Creeknose, Hikepath, Troutpaw, Dewshimmer, Littlelight, Jaynight, Muddytrail, Lightninggrass(replace with the name of your mate from the first series), [your name from first series here], and Honeypaw." You bounced as you heard your name.
  3. ***Timeskip to Gathering***
  4. You followed Sunstar, remembering with a pang how frail your leader was. You slowed to walk with:
  5. If you chose Jaynight, take the following question. If you didn't, pick DIDN'T CHOOSE. Same ones for the others.
  6. Jaynight caught up to you. "How's it going, Honeypaw?" he asked. "Fine," you purred. His pelt brushed yours and both of you jumped back. Jaynight recovered first, licking is chest fur in embarrassment, "Sorry." "It's okay," you replied, remembering the touch of his soft fur. "Really?" Jaynight asked. He shifted closer to you.
  7. Alone: You padded alone, wishing for Bravepaw.
  8. Troutpaw: "You excited, Honeypaw?" he asks. "Yeah," you reply. You look at the full moon above you.
  9. Muddytrail: "Hi, Muddytrail," you say. He replied with a grunt. "Hi." You two padded in silence, silence that you wanted to break but was too scared to do so.
  10. **Timeskip to WoodClan's report**
  11. Sunstar looked at Heatherstar, clearly waiting for her to speak next. "We have one new warrior," she yowled. "Braveflame!" she dipped her head to Sunstar, looking half embarrassed. Your ears heard her hiss: "I did as you asked and did not bring him to this Gathering." Sunstar nodded.
  12. Suddenly, you hear a rustle. You spot a slim russet shape, and you were the first to react, your shriek piercing the green-leaf night. "Fox!" As you spoke, two foxes slid out of the bushes and attacked.
  13. Chaos broke through. Jaynight was there, hissing in your ear. "You'll be safe with me, Honeypaw." *I'm not a kit!* you thought, but nodded.
  14. You heard a shout as Peatfur raced to the Moon Boulder. There were four shapes: Heatherstar who was fighting, Peatfur, who looked like his world was ending, the fox, who looked content with blood-red teeth . . . And a huddled shape on the rock, with red liquid trailing down the Moon Boulder.
  15. Cliffhanger! Mwhahahahaha . . .

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