Warrior cats love story part 12! (For girls)

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Many people love the Warrior Cats saga. I know I do. But what would it be like to have to go through the twists and turns of a warrior's love life? This series of quizzes will take you through a situation where a young cat has to find out who she loves.

Do you love Shy Ravenpaw? Do you love Quick Whitepaw? Do you love Strong Graypaw? Do you love loyal Flamekit? Do you love Sneaky Darkpaw? Or Loner Bright? In this series, you live the life of this young she cat. You find out what happens, and who you love.

Created by: Rave098
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  1. So, umm, This probably won't be out for a bit...
  2. ...because there is gonna be some excitement and Warrior/Apprentice ceremonies, so, um, sorry!
  3. (5 1/2 moons have passed since Brightpaw was made an apprentice again. Flamekit and Leafkit have been apprenticed. Lionheart is Flamepaws's mentor, and Leafpaw is training to be a Medicine cat. Cinderfur is expecting your new siblings. Nothing special has happened, except for you moving your nest towards the corner of the den. But now...)
  4. "Intruders!" Nettlewish yowls on evening border patrol. I open my mouth to get a better whiff of the scent. 2 scents, it seems. 1 seems vaguely familiar, but I can't quite place it at first. Then I realize, "Nettlewish! It's Bright! That's his scent!"
  5. "Are you sure?" Nettlewish asks me. "Yes," I reply curtly. She looks puzzled, and then says, "I know that other scent. Find the other patrol and tell them to come here. Then, go back to camp and tell Heatherstar that we'll be having a few guests." I do as she says without question. After sending the other patrol over, I head towards the camp.
  6. As I walk into camp, I notice something odd. Snowbird is rushing from her den, and Leafpaw is following her with several herbs in her mouth. I give the 2 of them a questioning look, and Snowbird hastily replies, "Cinderfur is kitting!" The 2 burst into the nursery, and I continue on my way towards Heatherstar's den. I jump up onto the bottom branch of Great-tree, and climb up with practiced ease.
  7. I reach the top, and call out, "Heatherstar? Are you in there?" A reply comes back, "Yes, I am Brightpaw. What is it that you want?" I stick my head in the den, and say, "Nettlewish and I found some strange scents, She sent me to fetch the other patrol and then to tell you that we will be having some guests." "Thank you, Brightpaw." Heatherstar replied, and I began the slow descent down from the tall Great-Tree. When I got about halfway down, I heard a cat meow, "I should have asked you to come with me on my path!" I look down, and see Heatherstar sitting by the base of the tree. I purr, and continue my way down.
  8. (Who do you want the other cat to be?)
  9. As I get to the bottom and sit next to Heatherstar, I hear moans coming from the nursery. Cinderfur's kits must just now be coming, I think to myself, trying not to worry. Then the moans get louder, and turn into shrieks of pain. I look at Heatherstar, and she mutters to me, "She'll be fine. It's not as bad as it sounds. I hope." She says the last part so soft that I could almost not hear it. Something has gone wrong.
  10. A while later, Cinderfur's shrieks turned back into moans, and soon Leafpaw came out, and meowed, "Heatherstar! Snowbird wants you to go in!" Heatherstar stands up, and heads in the den with a worried look on her face. She passes Leafpaw, and then Leafpaw walks over to me. "She's not doing too good." She says, and her face says the rest. I then whisper, "She's not gonna make it, is she?" She nods, and I start to shake with sorrow. Cinderfur is going to die. Cinderfur is going to die. Cinderfur is going to die. Those words play over and over in my head. Cinderfur is going to die. "Here, follow me." Leafpaw says quietly in a mournful voice. She pads into the medicine cat den, and I follow. Leafpaw slips into a side area, and grabs a poppy head. Cinderfur is going to die. Cinderfur is going to die. She walks back in, and shakes out a few poppy seeds, Cinderfur is going to die. "Eat." She says, and I slowly head towards the seeds. Cinderfur is going to die. Cinderfur is going to die. I eat 1, then another. Cinderfur is going to die. I slowly eat the last one, and Leafpaw says, "Lay down over there." She motions with her tail, and I groggily make my way there. My last thought was, How am I going to get through this?
  11. I wake to a paw prodding me in my side. "Wake up..." A voice says, and I slowly sit up. I wonder why I'm in the medicine den, then I remember. "Brightpaw..." The voice says, and I slowly turn around. What I see shocks me. Cinderfur, standing there, with stars in her pelt, saying, "Don't mourn for me. Stay strong for your new siblings. I want you to name them for me. Don't mourn for me..." She slowly fades away, and I find myself still laying down in the nest I fell asleep in. As Cinderfur's scent fades away, I whisper, "I'll stay strong. For you and my siblings."
  12. "You're awake at last." Snowbird says, coming into view. "I don't know how to put this, but Cinderfur died." She bows her head in grief, and says, "Its just now past moonrise. The vigil is just starting." I stand up, and remember, "Did the kits survive?!" I ask anxiously, and Snowbird replies, "Yes, all 3 did. Greeneye is in the nursery now, and is taking care of them. All she-cats." Her voice got softer and she said, "When Heatherstar went in, Cinderfur told her to have you name the kits. She knew she was gonna die." She walks outside the den, and I follow her into the vigil. "Wait." Snowbird says when we exit the den, "Remember those scents you found with Nettlewish? There they are." She motions towards the center of the clearing, and I see a few familiar fur colors and body shapes. Black fur, pure white fur, Black fur. Nettlewish. Bright. Darkpaw.
  13. I walk closer, not trusting my eyes. Bright and Darkpaw. How could this be? A loner and another clan's cat. Here. In. The. Camp. During. Cinderfur's. Death. Vigil. Oh, Starclan, I think to myself, Why me?
  14. *Timelapse* As I lay in my nest, I recap what Nettlewish told me about why Darkpaw and Bright were here... "Brightpaw, this is my nephew, Darkpaw. You may have seen him in the battle the Nightclan apprentices caused all those moons ago..." She had said when I had come closer, "and you know Bright. They've decided to join Heatherclan.
  15. "After you met him, Bright started to miss his old clan. He then started thinking about coming back. He was about to when he met Darkpaw, who..." Nettlewish was interrupted by Darkpaw, who glared up at her, and hissed, "I'll take it from here!" He said the next part in an even tone, "I left Nightclan, and I went to be a loner. I met Bright, and he told me he was coming to Heatherclan. I decided to tag along, and soon wantd to join the clan myself." He finished.
  16. I wake to a start. I must have fallen asleep, I think to myself. Then, a paw prods me in the side, and a voice says, "Brightpaw! Heatherstar wants you to give your new siblings their names!" I look up, and see Ravenpaw looming over me.
  17. I stand up, say thank you to Ravenpaw, and head towards the nursery. Names for 3 She-cats. In my mind I go through the names of worthy warriors, but don't come up with anything. Then 3 names hit me, and I whisper them to myself as I enter the nursery, "Cinderkit, Icekit, and Skykit." One in memory of my Mother, One in memory of Sister who died shortly after kitting, and one named after one of the largest things, the sky. "Brightpaw, have you decided?" I look up at Heatherstar, who is sitting by Greeneye. I look down at the 3 kits, and nod. 1 kits is white, 1 dark Smokey gray, and the last is White with light gray. I point at the White kit with my tail, "Icekit." I point at the Dark gray kit, "Cinderkit." and I point at the Gray and white kit, "And Skykit." I look at Heatherstar, and she nods. SHe walks out, but I stay in the nursery, watching the 3.
  18. Sometime later, I hear Heatherstar call out, "All cats old enough to catch their own prey are to gather here for a clan meeting!" I scurry out of the nursery, and sit in front of Great-Tree. I look up at the sky and see that it's now sundown. It seems like I'd been in the nursery for a while. Graypaw comes and sits to my right, Ravenpaw to my left, and Whitepaw behind me. I look around, and see most of the clan gathered. I look up at Heatherstar as she starts to speak. "There are 3 things I would like to announce. 1 is that Cinderfur's kits have been named. As of now, Icekit, Cinderkit, and Skykit are being cared for by Greeneye. 2, is that 2 cats have decided to join Heatherclan." She motions for the 2 to come forward. "Darkpaw and Bright have decided to join Heatherclan. Darkpaw will be training as an apprentice, and Bright shall be treated as a warrior."-The 2 walk back to their spots- "3, is that we have 4 new warriors to announce. Brightpaw, Ravenpaw, Whitepaw, Graypaw, come here." Heatherstar jumps down onto the ground as we step forward. Excitement starts to bubble up inside me as Heatherstar says, " I, Heatherstar, leader of Heatherclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Ravenpaw, Graypaw, Whitepaw, Brightpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" I respond with a loud, "I do." The other 3 do the same, and she says to Ravenpaw, "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Ravenpaw, from this moment you will be known as Ravenmoon. Starclan honors your Loyalty and Kindness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Heatherclan." Her gaze shifts over to Whitepaw, and she says to him, "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Whitepaw, from this moment you will be known as Whiteheart. Starclan honors your Speed and Spirit, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Heatherclan." She looks at Graypaw, and says to him, "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Graypaw, from this moment you will be known as Grayfur. Starclan honors your Strength and Skill in Battle, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Heatherclan." Finally, her gaze rests on me, and she says in a strong voice, "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Brightpaw, from this moment you will be known as Brightfoot. Starclan honors your Strength and Determination, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Heatherclan." One by one, we each lick Heatherstar's shoulder as she lays her muzzle on our heads. After I get finished, we step back, and turn towards the clan as warriors for the first time. Then, a voice calls out, "BRIGHTFOOT! GRAYFUR! WHITEHEART! RAVENMOON!" Another cat calls our new names out, then another, until the whole clan was calling out. As I listen to the chanting, I raise my head and say loudly, "BRIGHTFOOT! I AM BRIGHTFOOT!"

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