Warrior cats love story part 9! (For girls)

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Many people love the Warrior Cats saga. I know I do. But what would it be like to have to go through the twists and turns of a warrior's love life? This series of quizzes will take you through a situation where a young cat has to find out who she loves.

Do you love Shy Ravenpaw? Do you love Quick Whitepaw? Do you love Strong Graypaw? Do you love loyal Flamekit? Do you love Sneaky Darkpaw? Or Loner Bright? In this series, you live the life of this young she cat. You find out what happens, and who you love.

Created by: Rave098
  1. So, gals, in part 8, You were captured and probably hate me!
  2. I lay down, feeling defeated. I close my eyes, and hope for the best.
  3. I slowly fall into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by a familiar voice. "Brightpaw. Brightpaw, wake up. Brightpaw?" I know that voice. It is...
  4. "Brightpaw! Quick, wake up! I'm gonna get you out of here!" says Bright, the one who got you into this. I open my eyes, and see Bright clawing at the thing that held the front part together. With a pop, the thing pops off, and the door opens. I'm free! You rush out, and head for the part of the den that I came through. I rush forward, through the room, only to be stuck at the entrance of the den! I look around, and, to my surprise, see cats streaming out of the rooms! "Quick!" 1 yowls. "Follow me!" I cannot see this cat, but I follow the other cats to a see through thing that opened, then I rush out, heading towards the woods. I see a streak of White fur belonging to Bright stay beside me. I stumble, the injury on my side stinging. "Keep up!" Encourages Bright, Steading me. "This way!" He tells you, tilting to the left, and I follow him.
  5. I follow him for what seems like a season, and then we arrive at the gray and yellow stone. "Come on, Brightpaw. Just follow me, and you won't get hurt. There is nothing coming right now, so just follow me across." He walks out onto the stone, encouraging me to come. I walk towards him, and he moves to the otherend. "See?"he says, "It's easy!" I walk to the edge, and feel the familiar grass underneath my paws. "Can you remember the way from here?" asks Bright. I reply with a yes, and walk back towards the distant border. As I reach it, I see that it is Sunhigh. Not too late.
  6. I cross the border, coming up with a story. The story is: When I ran out of camp, I thought about running away to be a loner, But I changed my mind and came back after I realized how hard life as a loner would be.
  7. I limp towards camp, the adrenaline that had kept me going fading. I was halfway there when I hear a yowl. "BRIGHTPAW! You're back!" I turn around to see a small scrap of orange fur dethatch it's self from a bush, and run into me! "Flamekit!" I yowl, feeling happy that I was home. "Brightpaw! You're back! Everyone is looking for you! Come on back to camp!" I walk back to camp with Flamekit chattering by me. "... and Squirreltail had her kits, and..." Well, I think, I'll probably get another moon of being a kit added to the current punishment, so at least I'll have company.
  8. I arrive in camp, hearing sounds of amazement coming from the few cats out. I hear 1 cat whisper to another, "She's back!" and I heard an elder say, "If any cat were to run off, I'd be her I've always said. "Brightpaw, you're back." I hear Cinderfur say from behind me. Then, in a kinder tone, "I've missed you." I don't look back, not caring. I walk towards Great-Tree, and Jump up, climbing up to Heatherstar's den.
  9. "Heatherstar?" I call softly, "I'm back. I'm sorry I left. I was going to leave Heatherclan, but I met a loner who told me how hard life as a loner could be, and I decided to come back." A shadow at the back of the cave shifts. "Brightpaw, You knew what your punishment was, and you ran away from it. Right after you left, I decided that every part of the day you missed was a another 1/6 moon of being an apprentice. You were gone for a Night, which is 3. You were gone for a full day and night, which is 6, and 2 counting part of today. Your punishment will be for 3 and 5/6 moons." Says Heatherstar. "Go to the nursery, and stay in camp. But before you do that, go tell Nettlewish what has happened. She should be in the warrior's den." With a flick of her tail, Heatherstar dismisses you, leaving no room for argument. "and," She says quickly with a smirk, "remember that you shall be known as Brightkit until the punishment is over." You walk out of her den, onto Great-Tree, and down to the warriors den.
  10. Bye! And thank you, for taking this quiz!

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