What type of Anarchist are you?

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Anarchy comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some might tell you that it's based solely on one idea or another, but there is a large philosophical debate.

With this quiz find out what type of Anarchy you would support, answer about economics and philosophy. Find out what and how your stateless society would function m.

Created by: Colin Louis
  1. What is your opinion on wage labor?
  2. What should an anarchist society be based on?
  3. Who below do you most agree with? Feel free to research any of them.
  4. How should an Anarchist society be accomplished?
  5. What rights do people have?
  6. Which of these books would you most agree with?
  7. What would the cultural attitude of an ideal Anarchist community be?
  8. What below is preferable?
  9. What made you an Anarchist in modern society?
  10. What type of Anarchist society would you most like to live in? A society...

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Quiz topic: What type of Anarchist am I?