What Anarchist Am I?

Anarchy:what does that word mean? If you think you're an anarchist, take this quiz, to finalize it, and learn which anarchist you are. So go sing:"I wanna be an anarchy! Get pissed destroy!"

Are YOU an anarchist? Well what kind are you? Yes, there are different anarchists. Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-Syndicalist, Vegan-Anarchist, Christian-Anarchist, and Anarcho-Capitalist:these are the 5 major sectors of anarchism. Find out who you are!

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  1. What is your opinion on democracy?
  2. Which one of these people are your idols?
  3. Really? Did you seriously say that Jesus was one of your idols?
  4. You find a swap-shop as you're walking down the street. What do you think?
  5. Have you ever been dumpster diving?
  6. Your friend calls you up, and tells you that he was cleaning out his fridge, and came across some venison. Is your mouth watering?
  7. Describe your diet.
  8. What is your opinion of Vladimir Lenin?
  9. What is Black Flag?
  10. What anarchist do you think you are?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Are you gonna follow my blog?

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