Are you an anarchist?

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This quiz is to help you determine whether you are more of an anarchist than you might think. Anarchy has a bad reputation for being associated with chaos, but it simply means "no rulers".

The term "ruler" implies those with that title have the right to force you to obey their orders or laws, regardless of what you may think. This quiz will address this concept a little more in-depth.

Created by: John

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  1. Voting...
  2. Do you personally have the right to judge whether a law is good or bad?
  3. If you believe a law is unjust, should you have the right to disobey and/or ignore it?
  4. If you believe a law is unjust, would you disobey and/or ignore it?
  5. Do you have the right to live your life as you wish as long as you don't harm anyone?
  6. My rights come from...
  7. Do politicians in government have the right to force you to pay for projects or programs you don't agree with?
  8. Do you take an authority figure's statements as fact solely because they are authority?
  9. Do you like to seek the truth for yourself, or do you trust what others who seem knowledgeable tell you?
  10. Should the people in government be held accountable by the public?

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Quiz topic: Am I an anarchist?