Are you an Anarchist

There is many people who think they are anarchist take this test and figure out what you are. Figure out wether you are a sheep, free thinker, or a leech that gives anarchist a bad name

This is a test to see if you are an anarchist. Not what type such as ancap or ancom that will be a test for another day hope you enjoy this and screw you leeches

Created by: ropocks
  1. What is your view on rules
  2. Who should rule?
  3. Should there be private property?
  4. What should be the rules
  5. Should there be money
  6. should there be a trade system at least in your society/country
  7. Should there be a military
  8. How should laws be enforced?
  9. Should there be religion
  10. Should there be any hierarchy

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Quiz topic: Am I an Anarchist