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  • "You are an anarchist

    You believe your rights as an individual come from being alive, not granted to you by other human beings who are equal to you. You also value your individual rights and refuse to be ruled by anyone, as no one can claim the right to force you against your will."

    God, it's all correct O_O I knew I may sometimes be acting a small lil tiny bit like an anarchist, but God, I had no idea I'm one in 100%... Thank you for helping me to realize it :3

    • More people should take this test, maybe then they would realise that we the tax paying public are being screwed totally by theiving, lying politicians.

    • The FAT CAT Politicians sit upon the rich and getting richer FAT BACKSIDES, whilst continually giving themselves endless pay rises and removing more and more funds from the people, many of these people have been paying taxes all their working like. How do you know when a politician is Lying- They open their mouths.

  • I can relate with Anarchism

  • The only real question is, "What are we going to do about it?"


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