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  • "Wow, all these bands are SO awessome ^u^ I liked Rise & Gamblers the most :3 Thanks! "
  • "Ahaha, I'm listening to Rise Against right now =^w^= I'll google the other bands you recommennded now :3 Thank you so much ^u^..."
  • The Music Group!
    "& I just heard "because my swollen gums" wtf?! I think I'll better find the lyrics... ..."
  • The Music Group!
    "So, I can't think of any villian songs right now, but yes, they are SO ANNOYING... Well, unless it's a good song, I heard a few but I don't ..."
  • The Music Group!
    "Well, I have to admit that I don't listen to pop anymore but still, the only reason I didn't suddenly stand up & start dancing is that i..."
  • The Music Group!
    "Ok I'll find them "
  • "zeronightshade, thanks for making it clear :3 Actually, I listen to Bad Religion sometimes ^u^ sadly I can't get really into them but it's..."
  • Make a word?
    "Tree "
  • Random thoughts
  • Q&A
    "What would you do if I walked into your house screaming "WHY DID YOU EAT THAT DINOSAUR?! IT ONLY STEPPED ON YOUR JELLYFISH! IT'S NOT A REASO..."
  • What do you thnk
    "I thnk: "I NEED HOLIDAYS!" (2 more days of school -_-) "MONKEYZZZ!" "I hate today -_-" (bad luck since I even opened my"
  • "Haha, I just read the thread title ("when a politics come to your town..."& I'm like 'throw an ice cream in his face! ..."
  • The Music Group!
    "Nope, is it bad?"
  • "Ok, so I found them ^u^ They are really good, but I doubt that I'll 'fall in love' with them... :("
  • "& thanks Samanta, I'll find them now..."

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