How obsessed are you with your favourite band?

We all have our favourite bands, but some people are more obsessed with them than others. If you want to see how obsessed you are, then take this quiz ^u^

*WARNING: no quiz can tell you if you're a fan or not* Since nobody reads it anyway, I'm gonna just lalala the rest :3 . Lalala lalalalala lala lalalala

Created by: Nikt
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  1. Hi, It's Nikt ^u^ We didn't see each other quite long :( How are you? :3
  2. The last question had no effect on your result. So, think of your favourite band. When did you last listened to them?
  3. Ok, so... how much merch do you have?
  4. RP: you're doing your homework & you have lotzz of it & tomorrow is that big test. [Insert name] is watching MTV/etc. You hear your favourite band. What do you do?
  5. I should ask this first, but... how many of thier songs do you know? :3
  6. Another important question: what is more important - how they look or thier music?
  7. Quick choice: if you could choose only one, you would go to thier concert or to a very very important but really easy exam?
  8. Do you know at least one of thier songs by heart?
  9. Ok, so remember that the score doesn't matter. This test is only for fun/killing boredom. If you say you're a fan, then you are & no one can tell you you're not.
  10. So, I think that's it. I hope you had fun taking my quiz ^u^ Bye!

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Quiz topic: How obsessed am I with my favourite band?