Are You Obsessed?

Are you obsessed with someone? Come on, now, are you SURE you aren't obsessed? Sometimes obsession can sneak up on you without your even realizing it. It is swift in its destruction and it can cause serious problems in your relationships, at work and even in you.

This quiz will help you to determine if you are, indeed, obsessed over someone. If you are, it will also help you find out to what degree. These few, quick questions can easily put the level of your obsession (or lack thereof) into perspective.

Created by: Stephanie Partridge of Enter the Madness!
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  1. There is someone whom you think about often. How much time do you spend thinking about him/her?
  2. You watch a particular person online, joining the websites that they join, posting to the forums where they post.
  3. You think about the person so much that you have trouble sleeping.
  4. You have a regular schedule of when you check up on the person (when you get up, before going to bed, etc)
  5. Your checking up on this person is affecting your work performance.
  6. You can not "turn off" your thoughts about the person.
  7. You neglect your spouse, children, pets and/or family because of the time you spend thinking about and checking up on the person
  8. Do you continue to defend yourself and argue with people you feel attack you or talk badly about you - even if you just write it on your own blog and do not have direct contact?
  9. Do you ever think about hurting, scaring, intimidating, manipulating, controlling or killing a patricular person?
  10. When you think about the person, how do you feel?

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