What are you obsessed with?

Every one is obsessed with something... But you may not even know it... To Video games, and to Computers... You don't know... So why don't you try this quiz? I mean you're friends won't tell you "You are obsessed with *Object goes here*" So try it out!

Okay, We all know you're obsessed with something but what is it? Well why don't you take this quiz and find out? I mean, some of my friends took this quiz, And it turns out one of them was obsessed with The computer... But what are you obsessed with?

Created by: Orange Kiwi
  1. You found 1000 dollars on the side walk, you...
  2. Do you have a Email?
  3. How do you express yourself?
  4. If you could morph into any magical creature it would be...
  5. What do you do in you're spare time?
  6. What do you think of when I say... LOIN CLOTH!
  7. Do you like any of these animals?
  8. I have 45 books, When I went on the train, I lost 15, then My friend lent me, 89 books, and when I came home, I got 67 books. How much am I carrying?
  9. Do you like Doughnuts?
  10. Last Question: Have you heard of these movies? If so, pick your fav.

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Quiz topic: What am I obsessed with?