Hull City "How much of a Tiger are you?"

25,000 at the KC on Sunday but how many will know any of these? A nice retro quiz to help you and your colleagues. Who will be No.7? Only true Tigers will really know the answers to these!

Good to see you know where the Tigers ground is? Present and past? Lets see where you are relegated??? Back at Elland Road? or happy to watch on match of the day.

Created by: Lee Dolman

  1. Which airline used to sponsor Hull City?
  2. Which former Tiger had the fans chanting "Stanley, Stanley" ?
  3. Which stand at Boothferry Park, was known as Bunkers?
  4. Who did the Tigers beat in the final of the Associate Members Cup?
  5. Where was that final played?
  6. Who did the Tigers player in the first ever game at the KC stadium?
  7. Who did they play in the first competitive match at the KC?
  8. Former Tigers Chairman Don Robinson did NOT throw which of the following to fans at a match?
  9. Who did the Tigers play in their first ever Premier league match?
  10. Which non league side knocked the Tigers out if the FA Cup in the 90's?
  11. Who was Phil Browns last match as Tigers manager against?
  12. Who did the Tigers beat at Wembley to win promotion to the Premier League in 2008?
  13. London 0v4 Hull was a Housemartins album and referred to the Tigers beating 4 London clubs in 2008, which is NOT one of the 4?
  14. Which 80's hit band member was often seen at Boothferry Park, in a Sheffield United hat?
  15. Which Tiger beverage could you buy in the 80's?
  16. What number shirt does Jake Livermore wear?
  17. Which of the following has NOT managed the Tigers?
  18. Who scored the winning goal in the play off final in 2008 to take the Tigers to the Premier League?
  19. Who locked the Tigers out of Boothferry Park?
  20. Which City manager orchestrated"The Great Escape"?

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Quiz topic: Hull City "How much of a Tiger am I?"