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"The City of Ember" is a science fiction "New York Times" best-seller. It was written in 2003 by Jeanne DuPrau, and received high acclaim. In 2008, "The City of Ember" was turned into a movie, starring Saiorse Ronan and Bill Murray. Like the book, the story focuses on Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow. They team up to save their beloved city from dying.

This quiz will test your smarts on "The City of Ember". Whether it was the book you've read or the film you've watched, you should be able to pass with flying colors. If you never heard of "The City of Ember", please don't take this quiz UNLESS you know it.

Created by: smartgirl115
  1. What year does the book take place?
  2. According to the book, Lina discovers that Podd Morethwart was her ancestor, and mayor of Ember. Which numbered mayor was Podd Morethwart?
  3. On Assignment Day, what do the kids of Ember do?
  4. Is Ember above ground or underground?
  5. How old is Lina Mayfleet?
  6. What happened to Lina's parents?
  7. Who is Doon Harrow?
  8. True or False: Lina's grandmother dies somewhere in the middle of the book.
  9. Which character lives in Greengate Square?
  10. Lina, her grandmother, and sister Poppy all live on which square?
  11. How did Lina, Doon, and Poppy get to the "other city" above ground?
  12. Where is the Pipeworks located?
  13. What is Lina's obligation throughout the book?
  14. What year did the movie based on the book debut?
  15. The author of "The City of Ember" is whom?

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