How well do you know Owl City

Owl City is an awesome one-man band.Owl City makes awesome songs like fireflies,hello seattle,vanilla twilight, tip of the iceberg,saltwater room,and other songs.

Do you now everything there is to know about Owl city.Do you think you have what it take to score 100% on this quiz. try it to find out. try this quiz!!

Created by: amazon
  1. What is owl city
  2. complete this set of lyrics: I am not my own..
  3. name own of Owl City's songs
  4. Name one of Owl City's albums
  5. name the singer in Owl City
  6. complete this set of lyrics all those dreary rain clouds still bother me..
  7. I we could sit together a moment..
  8. name one of Owl City's CDs
  9. ill watch the night turn light blue
  10. What kind of music is Owl City
  11. why did he right fireflies

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Owl City