Which borough of New York City should you live in?

From Tottenville to Co-Op City, New York is too big to just say i'm from New York. You have to break it down. When you saw a map of New York City, did you ever wonder where you would live if you lived there?

Or maybe you already do live there and are planning to move somewhere else in the city. Either way, You should take this quiz to find out which borough suits you. Then, you can take it again if you didn't like your results!

Created by: subway24 of subway24's page
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  1. What is your favorite type of Mass Transit?
  2. Which of these Eyesores would you be most okay living near?
  3. Where would you rather live?
  4. Are you okay with having to take a bus, train, or your car to the store, or do you have to walk?
  5. Are you prepared for snowstorms?
  6. What is your favorite Borough?
  7. What kind of neighborhood would you live in?
  8. What kind of noise do you wish you could wake up to?
  9. Do you jaywalk?
  10. Do you mind if you don't have an outside view from your apartment?

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Quiz topic: Which borough of New York City should I live in?