Which Of the 5 Boroughs Of New York Best Suits You?

From South Jamaica, Queens to Broadway and 34th Street in Manhattan to Coney Island in Brooklyn. Will You Take My Quiz? That Would be Highly Appreciated.

This Quiz isn't a 'Just For Fun' Quiz. This Quiz Will Test to See Which Borough Best Suits You. If You're Moving to a Borough in New York, You Could Take This Quiz to Decide Which Borough You Should Move to if You haven't Decided Yet. Also Rate This Quiz and tell Me What Borough You Got in the Comments Section. Enjoy The Quiz! By the Way there is actually 6 boroughs in NY I made a Mistake.

Created by: Sherry
  1. What is Your Favorite Type of Mass Transit?
  2. Which Would You Live near?
  3. Where Would You Live?
  4. Which Would You Prefer?
  5. Are You Prepared For Snowstorms?
  6. (Do not Answer if you Hate N. Y. C. Because it's too Crowded)What is Your Favorite Borough?
  7. What Kind of Neighborhood Would You Live in?
  8. Which Noise Would You Want to Wake Up to?
  9. Do You Jaywalk?
  10. Do You Mind if You Don't Have an Outside View From Your Apartment?

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Quiz topic: Which Of the 5 Boroughs Of New York Best suits me?